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Planet discovered in 2013 (Kepler-78b)

Earth sized exoplanet named as Kepler-78b

21st century is really going awesome with technology. Plenty of new things are developed and tons of old things are improved for superior future. In this race of technology our space technology is also improving swiftly. Now we are being offered to have a space trip by various companies. Our technology is getting to other planets in search of life and answers. [ Space trip with helium balloon ]

Extrasolar planets or Exoplanets

Extrasolar planet or exoplanet discovered in 2013.

Exoplanets (consider it as a short version of Extrasolar planets) are those planets that are not from our solar system. They orbit around their own Sun like star. According to Wikipedia there are more than a thousand such planets that have been discovered. 1 out of 5 Sun like starts have planets that resemble to our planet Earth in habitable zone [1].

China's Chang'e 3 soft landed on surface of moon

Chang'e 3 on surface of moon.

Chang’e is the goddess of moon for Chinese, so, they named their spacecraft with the name of their goddess and rover which this spacecraft took to the Moon was named as Yutu (Jade Rabbit). Chang’e landed on surface of moon on 14 December 2013. It was first thing to soft-land on the surface of moon after 1976 (Luna 24). Luna 24 was the first spacecraft which made soft landing on moon’s surface and returned samples of lunar surface in a capsule which returned to earth’s surface.

This helium balloon will be taking you to the space trip

This helium balloon will take you to the space

Are you planning some big trip? Give this helium balloon a try! Save your money for a space trip because it’ll cost you $75,000.

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How to create street view with android phone

Contribute to google maps' Street View

Google cannot get everywhere to capture images for street view of Google Maps, so, now Google allows everyone to share images so every place gets on Google’s street view. If you have android 4.2 (Jelly bean) phone then consider yourself lucky because android 4.2 have a new camera feature called photo sphere which can capture 360 degree photo of surroundings.

Android 4.4.1 is coming out

Androind 4.4.1 is coming out

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There were lots of new features introduced in Android 4.4 (KitKat). I have already a post on some of them. New version 4.4.1 is not getting you too much updated features like 4.4 did but there are certain changes that make it even smarter. Main improvements are for camera and some other speaker bugs are fixed for nexus 5. Wireless display is now renamed to Cast screen.

Microsoft doesn’t want to keep Windows XP and China doesn’t want to leave it

Microsoft don't want to keep windows XP alive

Everyone use or used Windows for their PCs and among all the older versions windows XP was the best OS from Microsoft. It was released on 24 august 2001 and was most popular till windows 7 came out. Microsoft is going to give up Support for XP on April 8, 2014.

View or edit date and time of a picture or add some more information to exif data using windows

View or delete exif data of images

These days every camera adds timestamp to the exif data of picture that is stored with it. Mostly all cameras or mobile phones add current time to the image but what if you forgot to adjust time of your camera? In such case your camera will add wrong timestamp to the exif data of digital picture, but there is a way to correct that.

Pinterest got your images on MAP

Pinterest got your images on map

If you recently visited Pinterest you might have noticed some popup messages saying now you can add images to map.

Some images drive more engagement on Instagram

Some images drive more engagement on instagram.

Some images drive more engagement on Instagram and get more likes. Here are some tips by curalate which can get your images more engaging.

Some funny animated (gif) photos

Here are some funny animated (.gif) photos that you'll like:

Grumpy cat don't like if someone touches it

Grumpy cat don't like if someone touches it.

History of Android and features of Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Android KitKat 4.4Android is an awesome operating system for Smartphone. It is based on Linux kernel and is developed by Android, Inc which got financial support from Google. Google bought it in 2005 and is really trying to get this OS smarter for even better Smartphones. Different android versions have different codenames. First codename was Cupcake which was for Android 1.5. Codename for Versions 4.1 - 4.3 was Jelly Bean and now new version 4.4 got new name KitKat.

Internet explorer 11 is now available for Windows 7

Internet Explorer is now available for Windows 7

Internet explorer is now available for Windows 7 which was shipped as default browser of Windows 8.1. Microsoft will update Internet explorer of windows 7 automatically to IE 11. IE 11 came with improved security, performance and privacy. You can enjoy using IE11 if you are using Windows 7 or 8.1.

Twitter shows picture and video previews by default without any click

Twitter is showing image and video previews. This Tuesday Twitter announced new update in home feed. Now you'll see image and video previews without clicking on show button. This update is also available to android and iOS users who updated their app.

Easiest ways to add Geo tag to photos

Add GPS tag to photos

Geo tag gives information about location where you took some photo. These days lots of cameras and mobile phones give you option to add Geo tag to your photos automatically so that you can remember where that photo was taken. Sometimes you want to add/show location in photo but forget to switch on GPS option and it's too late when you realize, because you do not want to go back there and capture photos again. This is the reason I want to show you how you can add Geo tag to photos without need of GPS in your camera. You can even add GPS information to any photo you've captured.

Connect with world through Google plus

connect with world through Google Plus

Google+ is second most popular social networking site in world (having 500 million users) and is keeping people together since 2011. Like Facebook Google plus can connect you with your friends and family in different ways. You can send messages to your friends, make video call and you can also share what's new only with them. You can add family members and your friends in circles to arrange them in such a way so that you can share things easily if you want to share with them only.

Lock or unlock your bicycle with your smart phone

Use Bitlock to lock or unlock bicycle from smart phone

Technology is really getting better day by day and we've got really awesome stuff that we used to think impossible. Now smart phones are almost essential for everyone because it can get you lot more than you think. Recently I discovered bitlock which you can use to lock your bicycle from your smart phone. Bitlock created lock which give you key in your smart phone, so, you don't have to take keys with you to lock or unlock your bicycle. You can preorder it on kickstarter if you want to get it.

Some changes in Facebook, Google and twitter

Some changes in top social networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter

Recently Facebook removed an option from privacy settings, Google updated their privacy policy and Twitter is now going to allow anyone to send you direct messages.

1 TB storage for your emails from yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is revamped and some new features are also introduced in it to make it more useful.
Marissa Mayer is really trying to make Yahoo more and more useful for everyone. Back in may Yahoo introduced one terabyte for flickr users where you can now upload images in full size because of that much free storage. Now they are doing the same thing with yahoo mail i.e. yahoo mail now gives you 1 terabyte for your emails and attachments without any cost.

Two awesome updates from last month

Last month Google updated new tab interface of Google Chrome and Facebook added edit post functionality that I really like.

Google Chrome

Google chrome's new tab interface.

Google introduced completely redesigned new tab interface which is my favorite due to availability of everything with just a click. Get your apps by clicking on apps button which is available at extreme left side in bookmarks bar below omnibox.

How to configure thunderbird for through IMAP

configure thunderbird for IMAP of outlook
Outlook had no support for IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) till two days ago but now you can use IMAP with applications to get emails from Outlook. Previously Outlook had support for EAS and POP protocol but maybe now they realized there are some apps that don't support EAS protocol and some users don't want to use POP so finally they added IMAP for better email experience. If you are stuck between POP and IMAP and don’t know which one you should use then have a look on this post: little information about POP and IMAP and which is better for you?

Little information about POP & IMAP and which is better for you?

Information about POP and IMAP email protocols. Which one you should use?
Usually some people get confuse when they find two options for getting their emails on some application on mobile or computer (thunderbird or outlook etc). They don’t know which one they should use and get stuck between POP and IMAP. Popular email services like Gmail and Outlook support IMAP and POP. Outlook did not support IMAP till two days ago but now it does. (Read also: How to configure thunderbird for Outlook through IMAP)
No one can say that one protocol is better than other because both of those have their own benefits. [You may also like: Get Facebook chat on desktop]

Speed up your Windows with ReadyBoost (Should you use it or not)

How to speed up your Windows with ReadyBoost
Maybe some of you still have question, what is ReadyBoost, Should I use it or not. Two days ago in a forum I read this question. Because of that I thought to make a post on this topic. I am just going to cover some features and things you may want to know about ReadyBoost.

How to embed Google Plus posts

Recently Google added new embed post feature like Facebook and Twitter to Google plus which is available for everyone. Embedding posts is really useful. You can embed source posts in your posts so that users can see from where you got some information.

Alternatives to Google Chrome and Firefox for better security

Freeware firefox and google chrome alternatives for better security and privacy.
Online security is really very crucial these days. There are lots of software programs that can assure your online privacy e.g. antivirus or firewalls can give you good protection but all antivirus don’t have all types of tools that can protect you. Antivirus are essential part for protecting your privacy and your personal information. Some got built-in web filter that can protect you from harmful websites by scanning connections to them. But if you need some more protection you can use these alternative browsers which are better for privacy and will protect you from online attacks. (Read also: Tips to make your accounts secure on social networks)

Sticky Feedburner follow/subscribe box

FeedBurner email subscribe/follow box.
Do you want to get more subscribers for your FeedBurner. Here is a way to boost your FeedBurner’s subscribers. You can add Feedburner follow box (coded by me) to your blog. This is really very attractive and will attract most readers of your blog to sign up with their email for updates. I visited a random blog hosted on Wordpress where I saw follow box similar to this (I should say mine is similar to that). That follow box is available for every wordpress user so I thought I should make it available for everyone that is not on wordpress.

Share animated photos (.gif) on Facebook

How to share animated images on Facebook?
Facebook supported animated photos known as gif photos but then they removed support for gif images and from that time, Facebook converts gif images uploaded to static images. Gifs are good way to express anything you want. Tumblr is full of gif images; it seems that gifs have taken over tumblr. Now giphy got gif support back to Facebook (I should not say gif support but a kind of). You can go to giphy and share images you like to facebook with a click. Gifs shared from giphy are not played automatically. You have to click on play button to see what that gif is saying.

How to create Shared Albums on Facebook – step-by-step tutorial

Facebook rolled out Shared Facebook albums.
Maybe most of you know that Facebook rolled out shared albums using which you and your friends can upload photos to single album and it’ll be shown in all contributor’s profile. I got this shared album today so I thought to make a step-by-step guide of it. You can create new shared album or just convert existing album to shared album.

Free alternative to Hello Bar (bottom notification bar)

Free alternative to Hello bar. Free notification bar.

Update: New notification bar with more customization is released. Have a look on it.

Hellobar is famous all around the world but it costs too much. Hello bar provides 25 free clicks per month. If you have good traffic then you will run out of clicks soon or you can upgrade to 100 clicks by paying $4.95 per month. They have some more plans with more clicks and money. I am not saying that hellobar is not good. That is awesome but only if you can spend money on it. If you do not want to spend money for hello bar then here is a notification bar that I coded. It is an excellent alternative to Hello bar and you can get unlimited clicks for free. Have a look on image at top for demo.
I know you may like notification bar that I am using on my blog at this time. If yes then keep calm I'll share that soon with you guys.

Google Chrome 29 got some new features

New google chrome 29 got some new features in it.
Two days ago Google released new version of Google Chrome (29.0.1547.57). I did not realize when I got my Chrome updated because of its silent updater but I found some new features that made me think I did something wrong with chrome. Its updated omnibox seems little bit weird but now it can show those links at top that you visited recently (show results relevant to those you've visited). They also integrated desktop notifications in Chrome (Google's rich notifications) for Mac users.

Some free cloud storage providers (34 GB for free)

Free cloud storage providers. Get 34GB for free.
These days cloud storage is really not too much expensive but still there are people like me who don't want to spend money for such purpose. I am only using 1.3GB Google Drive storage because I only uploaded some important documents there and rest of my important files in some external Hard Drives. Because of this I don't need to upgrade my storage plan but if you want to backup your files on cloud without paying for it then you can go for free cloud storage providers e.g. Google Drive or SkyDrive. I am going to explain how you can get 34GB for free.

Free 15GB (extra) by SkyDrive for users of iCloud

Free 15GB storage by SkyDrive
Users of MobileMe got 20 GB of free storage when they moved to iCloud. Now that plan is going to expire on 30/09/2013 and apple will downgrade users to free plan that is providing 5 GB of storage.
What if you have more than 5 GB of storage used?
You have to free up space by deleting unused files or upgrade to some paid plan.
But Microsoft (SkyDrive) is taking benefit from this downgrade. They are giving away free 15 GB additional storage for one year to users of iCloud who got downgrade email from apple. Free storage provided to everyone by SkyDrive is 7 GB and if you get 15 GB more you'll have 22 GB of free storage.

New Firefox 23 with better security and improved features

New firefox 23 with better features and security. New firefox logo.
Mozilla Firefox is best browser and is popular all around the world. Firefox render Web Pages with the help of Gecko Layout Engine. On February 9, 2004 it was given name “Mozilla Firefox” from "Mozilla Firebird." They always tried to make browsing easy and include little fun in it. Two days ago Mozilla released new version of Firefox with better security and some new features. (Read also: New Redesigned Opera browser)

Install Chrome’s extensions in Opera and Opera's in Chrome

Chrome's extensions in Opera and Opera's in Chrome
Earlier I posted about changes that opera 15 got. New Opera 15 is now based on Chromium engine (Chrome is also using it). Latest versions of Opera and Chrome have too many common things. Because of same rendering engine now you can install Chrome’s extensions in Opera and Opera’s in Chrome. Installing chrome’s extensions in opera is easier.

YouTube Live Broadcast for users having more than 100 subscribers

YouTube Live Broadcast if you have more than 100 subscribers.
Did you ever wanted live broadcast on YouTube? If yes then here is good news for you. You can broadcast your live video if you have 100 or more subscribers and your channel should be in good standing condition. Previously live broadcasting was for those who had more than 1000 subscribers but now small business or individual channel administrators got chance to broadcast live videos. Visit account features page click on enable button if you want to get live streaming feature. According to YouTube this feature will be available in few weeks.

Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, Google plus and Twitter

Facebook, Google plus and twitter keyboard shortcuts.
Social networking is growing every day. Now people think it essential to sign up for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Everyone knows how to use any of these websites perfectly. I am sharing this post because maybe some of you don’t know that you can surf these websites more quickly. There are some keyboard shortcuts which can increase your speed over social networks.

Use Google Search as timer

Maybe you need timer that can help you by reminding upcoming events or things. For example you have to go and pick your food from someone who asked you to get it after little time. Chances are you’ll forget that if you are busy in some other work. I've already mentioned a tool that can help you remember things if you forget. There are lots of tools that can help you but you have to download and install them. Also some are available as portable version too but you may want more quick method. (Read also: Free alarm clock for PC)

Format hard drives with FAT32 having more than 32 GB

FAT32 Format for windows which allows formating volume with fat32

FAT32 was developed for older versions of windows (For Windows NT). It has less security than NTFS. It was included with Windows 95, 98 and Windows Me. It is suitable if you want to install some old version of windows i.e. You can install windows 98, or other older versions along with newer version. But you'll need FAT32 file system for better performance of older windows because they do not support NTFS. FAT32 only support hard drive of upta 2TB in size and microsoft Windows 2000 can only work with FAT32 partition having no more than 32 GB of space and windows XP does not let you format partition or drive having more than 32GB of space.

Get 10 GB of free cloud storage from Bitcasa infinite drive

Free 10 GB cloud storage by Bitcasa infinite drive
In some previous posts I shared about some other cloud storage providers. Here is another cloud storage provider that is giving 10 GB of storage for free. Recently Google announced that each user now can use 15 GB of free storage for Google+ Photos, Google Drive and Gmail. If your Google Drive is full and you don’t want to purchase more storage then get 10 GB for free from Bitcasa infinite drive.
You can install Bitcasa on your PC or on your mobile device to synchronize files as you save them. It is also available for Mac and Linux users. After installing Bitcasa you’ll see it as a separate drive which you can access like other drives on your device. You can sign up from the web interface or from within the software after it is installed.

Free cloud storage by Dropbox

free cloud storage by dropbox
You can upload and make backup of your files on cloud storage for free. You can also share files uploaded to dropbox with your friends. There are lots of free cloud storage providers these days but Dropbox is most famous one. You can upload files using its web based interface or you can download and install Dropbox software on your pc and synchronize files automatically. You can also download Dropbox software for mobile devices. Files you want to synchronize should be in dropbox folder on your PC.
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Free screen recorders (Camtasia Studio alternatives)

You can make videos of your desktop screen to show how to use a program or you can just create a little video to help your friend fix some problem with his PC. You can upload those videos to YouTube or any other video sharing websites. For years people are using camtasia studio for recording desktop screen videos because it is really wonderful but costs $299. Like every other program this program also got too much free alternatives that can give you best features you need.

Gmail’s new tabbed inbox waiting for you

Tabbed gmail inbox
I didn't know about new tabbed version of Gmail’s inbox but yesterday I got my eyes on that when I visited Gmail from my web browser. I found it very pretty and now it is really easy to manage all my emails. That is because now I can manage my emails in multiple tabs.

Have a look on newly built Opera Browser

Developers of Opera redesigned it and developed it for superior speed and ease of use. New opera browser is based on Google’s Chromium engine (being used in Google Chrome). Maybe now someone gets in trouble of choosing best browser between Opera and Chrome because both are using same engines. (Read also: Install Chrome's extensions in Opera and Opera's in Chrome)

1 TB (Terabyte) Free for photos and videos by Flickr

About one and half months ago Flickr got revamped version which is better than older version because of its interface and they also upgraded storage of everyone. Now you can get free 1 Terabyte of storage for your photos and videos.

Freeware Partition Managers

Freeware Partition Managers
If you want to manage your files easily then you should have multiple partitions on your hard drive. If you have only one partition then if you reinstall Windows, you’ll lose all data in that partition. Windows have built-in partition manager that mostly all of us use. But there are some third party tools that have more features than built-in Manager.

Free 3 GB additional storage for SkyDrive

3 GB free by skydrive for students
You can make backup of your files on SkyDrive or you can share your SkyDrive files with your friends. Recently Google announced that now you can use 15 GB of free storage between Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ photos. If you are running out of space on SkyDrive you can simply upload some of your files to Google Drive. (Related: Free 15GB by Google Drive)

15 GB of free storage by Google Drive

15 GB free storage by Google Drive
You may know that Google was giving you 5 GB of free storage for Google Drive where you can store your files and documents. But now they are offering 15 GB for free. You may think why Google increased storage space. Answer to your question is that Google just merged storage between Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos. You got 10 GB for Gmail and 5 GB for Drive and Google+ Photos before this.

Capture Screenshots of your desktop screen

Capture screenshots of desktop

May be your friend needed help and you could help him with a picture of your desktop but you don’t knew how to capture a screenshot of your desktop. So, here are tips on how to capture and make your desktop screenshot impressive. Windows Vista and Windows 7 got a utility that can help you capture screenshots but in Windows XP there is no such utility or software pre-installed.
There is a way to capture desktop screenshot that works for all Microsoft Windows releases.

Find out what hardware is in your CPU

Speccy for finding out what hardware you have in your PC

May be you want to know what hardware you CPU got. Some information about your hardware is available in windows. But in order to find out all you have to open up your CPU. Opening up your CPU is not good idea when you can get all required information with single software. Speccy is that software which can give you detailed information about your CPU’s hardware.

Recover your deleted files for free

Recover deleted files for free with recuva
Do you want to recover your deleted files easily without paying any thing then have a look on Recuva. Have you used free cCleaner and Defraggler? (Read also: Free tools to defregment your hard drive) If you did then let me tell you that developers of cCleaner and Defraggler are also developers of Recuva. You can get recuva free of cost for home use. It can recover those file that you don’t wanted to delete but you did unintentionally. If you deleted a file you can simply recover it from recycle bin but if you lost files from there too then Recuva can help you.

Create free PDF files online or Convert PDF files to Word, Power Point or Excel formats

Create and convert PDF files online
You can create PDF files from almost all text files without installing any software. Just visit PDFconverter and create your PDF files for free.

Windows 8 is better than Windows 7

Windows 8 start menu
So now you are thinking to upgrade your system to new OS by Microsoft but you are confused like me. But I upgraded to Windows 8. There are lots of people saying that Windows 8 is horrible but in my opinion windows 8 is better for both desktops and laptops. Windows 8 starts quickly and takes less time than Windows 7. Its start menu is my favorite one. In Windows 7 you were allowed to install third party gadgets but some of them were harmful.