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Format hard drives with FAT32 having more than 32 GB

FAT32 Format for windows which allows formating volume with fat32

FAT32 was developed for older versions of windows (For Windows NT). It has less security than NTFS. It was included with Windows 95, 98 and Windows Me. It is suitable if you want to install some old version of windows i.e. You can install windows 98, or other older versions along with newer version. But you'll need FAT32 file system for better performance of older windows because they do not support NTFS. FAT32 only support hard drive of upta 2TB in size and microsoft Windows 2000 can only work with FAT32 partition having no more than 32 GB of space and windows XP does not let you format partition or drive having more than 32GB of space.

How to format partition with FAT32 having more than 32 GB of space?

Get FAT32 Format which is a gui portable tool. It allows you to format drives with FAT32 having more than 32 GB of storage. These days storage is too much cheap and everyone can increase their device’s storage according to their needs. You can install new hard drive in your Desktop or you can get an external hard drive that you can use with all of your devices which can work with that. You can use FAT32 Format to format external drives or you can format and use partition having more than 32 GB of space.
Get FAT32 Format Gui Tool