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Get 10 GB of free cloud storage from Bitcasa infinite drive

Free 10 GB cloud storage by Bitcasa infinite drive
In some previous posts I shared about some other cloud storage providers. Here is another cloud storage provider that is giving 10 GB of storage for free. Recently Google announced that each user now can use 15 GB of free storage for Google+ Photos, Google Drive and Gmail. If your Google Drive is full and you don’t want to purchase more storage then get 10 GB for free from Bitcasa infinite drive.
You can install Bitcasa on your PC or on your mobile device to synchronize files as you save them. It is also available for Mac and Linux users. After installing Bitcasa you’ll see it as a separate drive which you can access like other drives on your device. You can sign up from the web interface or from within the software after it is installed.

Free cloud storage by Dropbox

free cloud storage by dropbox
You can upload and make backup of your files on cloud storage for free. You can also share files uploaded to dropbox with your friends. There are lots of free cloud storage providers these days but Dropbox is most famous one. You can upload files using its web based interface or you can download and install Dropbox software on your pc and synchronize files automatically. You can also download Dropbox software for mobile devices. Files you want to synchronize should be in dropbox folder on your PC.
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Free screen recorders (Camtasia Studio alternatives)

You can make videos of your desktop screen to show how to use a program or you can just create a little video to help your friend fix some problem with his PC. You can upload those videos to YouTube or any other video sharing websites. For years people are using camtasia studio for recording desktop screen videos because it is really wonderful but costs $299. Like every other program this program also got too much free alternatives that can give you best features you need.

Gmail’s new tabbed inbox waiting for you

Tabbed gmail inbox
I didn't know about new tabbed version of Gmail’s inbox but yesterday I got my eyes on that when I visited Gmail from my web browser. I found it very pretty and now it is really easy to manage all my emails. That is because now I can manage my emails in multiple tabs.

Have a look on newly built Opera Browser

Developers of Opera redesigned it and developed it for superior speed and ease of use. New opera browser is based on Google’s Chromium engine (being used in Google Chrome). Maybe now someone gets in trouble of choosing best browser between Opera and Chrome because both are using same engines. (Read also: Install Chrome's extensions in Opera and Opera's in Chrome)

1 TB (Terabyte) Free for photos and videos by Flickr

About one and half months ago Flickr got revamped version which is better than older version because of its interface and they also upgraded storage of everyone. Now you can get free 1 Terabyte of storage for your photos and videos.

Freeware Partition Managers

Freeware Partition Managers
If you want to manage your files easily then you should have multiple partitions on your hard drive. If you have only one partition then if you reinstall Windows, you’ll lose all data in that partition. Windows have built-in partition manager that mostly all of us use. But there are some third party tools that have more features than built-in Manager.