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Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, Google plus and Twitter

Facebook, Google plus and twitter keyboard shortcuts.
Social networking is growing every day. Now people think it essential to sign up for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Everyone knows how to use any of these websites perfectly. I am sharing this post because maybe some of you don’t know that you can surf these websites more quickly. There are some keyboard shortcuts which can increase your speed over social networks.


These days Facebook is considered as most used social networking website. I am sure you visit Facebook more than once in a day. You can scroll down or scroll to top using J and K buttons on your keyboard. So you don't even have to move your hand. Press / for selecting search box. But I am not going to explain all here, for others you can visit official web page by Facebook.

Google +

Orkut was old Social networking site by Google but then they introduced Google + in competition with Facebook and it is among top social networking sites too. You can use keyboard shortcuts for quickly accessing different features of this website too. You can use / for selecting search box, j for scrolling down and k for scrolling up stream. For more shortcuts you can simply press and hold Shift key and press ? key (Shift + ?). You can also visit official web page by Google + for more details on shortcuts.


Twitter also allows keyboard shortcuts. You can use / for selecting search box, J for next tweet and K for previous tweet. There are some multi key shortcuts. Press G and then H to go back home page if you are on some other page. For complete list visit Twiter and sign in to your account then to see shortcuts press ? key. You'll get a list of shortcuts available.