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Show one time greetings to the readers of your website intelligently (With some animation effects)

Show some festival greetings with amazing widget.

If you run a blog you can simply make a post and wish your readers a happy new year or any festival etc. You can wish your readers in different ways, but a small effective way is to add a little window showing your greetings to your readers. If some reader is redirected to a page on your site or blog he'll definitely see that small window wishing him anything that's going on. It can attract users to visit your site again and again.

Getting input from users in C++

Getting input from users in C++

Getting input from users is really easy. You only have to write statement and you are done for that.

You might wanna have a look on the hello world example that I wrote before this.

Hello world example of C++

Hello world example and explaination of it in C++

C++ is best language for new learners and also for advanced programmers. This language is close to the hardware and you can say it is low level as well as high level language.

LG G3 is going to get Android Lollipop 5.0 this week

LG G3 is going to get Lollipop update.

LG is going to upgrade android of the G3 to Latest one which is off course Lollipop (5.0).  Usually nexus devices were the ones to get the latest android before any other device. This time LG offered this before any other device. LG is going to give Lollipop update to Poland before going global.

From now on WhatsApp will tell you when recipients read your messages

WhatsApp now shows when user reads your messages

If you use WhatsApp you might know already it shows status of message delivery but from now on it is also going to show you when someone reads your messages.

Thinnest Android Smartphone ever built

Thinnest Smartphone ever built by chinese company

China is going too much forward with technology. Chinese companies were trying to build slimmest Smartphone, actually they were in battle with all of the local companies over there.

Simplest way to remove all of the EXIF data from any image

Remove exif data form the images with single click.

First of all let me tell you something about EXIF data in case you didn't know what it is already.

EXIF Data:

Date & time and camera settings are saved by your digital camera in photos that you capture. This stored data is called EXIF data.

Microsoft realizes, its time to move to Windows 9 instead of Windows 8.2

Finally, Microsoft realized that Windows 8 is not going to be users’ favorite OS because of some changes they made to it.

Microsoft has announced Windows 10

Microsoft has announced windows 10

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 and skipped windows 9 and it is gonna release in 2015. According the Microsoft a large number of devices are going to run this because of its compatibility with all of them.

Private images of celebrities leaked due to iCloud hack

Celebrity images leaked due to iCloud hack

iCloud (Cloud storage and cloud computing service by Apple) was hacked giving out personal and private image of lots of celebrities.

How to add lyrics to songs?

Add lyrics to the songs with mp3tag

Everyone loves music and someone has said music is universal language. Sometimes we cannot understand lyrics of some songs. You can Search for lyrics of specific songs on Google. These days almost all media players show lyrics of songs if they are available.

You can add lyrics to songs very easily which your media player'll show on screen while playing them.

CEO of Facebook and Microsoft took ice bucket challenge

Mark zuckerberg dumped bucket of ice water on himself.

Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) accepted and completed ice bucket challenge in support for charity to ALS. Both of them dumped a bucket of ice water on themselves.

Murder prank captured by Google Maps

Murder prank on Google Maps. Man standing with axe in his hand.

Google maps captured a lot of weird stuff and published it on the web. Some such were removed but some are still available.

Supermoons of 2014

Supermoon is not a different kind of moon. It is same moon but slightly closer to the earth. This is the reason moon appears larger than its normal size and intensity of its brightness is also increased.

2014 is unique year in terms of supermoons. 2014 has a total of 5 supermoons. Out of these 5 supermoons two were in January of this year, one was in July, another one was on 10th of august and one last supermoon of this year is in September.

How to make text annoying?

Tool to make your text annoying.

You might have seen people who write text in some annoying way. There are lots of ways to make something you write annoying but here is one: iS thiS aNnOyIng?

Yes! it is. Some of my friends write everything in this way. Not everyone can read text written in this way easily. So, in other words you can say this text is annoying.

Some of the best Sunsets

Happy Earth Day and keep loving Earth.

Who says world is not beautiful? Here are some of the best Sunsets from around the world.

sunset captured from aeroplane

Awesome Sunset captured from aeroplane

Martin Teschner/Flickr

What is Heartbleed bug and how I am affected?

Heartbleed bug made web vulnerable.
image by:

Recently a massive vulnerability is found in the (open-source) OpenSSL library. Websites starting with https:// were vulnerable due to this bug named as heartbleed (website dedicated to heartbleed FAQs).

OpenSSL is used to keep information and web secure but vulnerability in it allowed attacker to reveal 64kB of memory and this memory handling bug was there for at least 2 years. OpenSSL vulnerabilities

Windows XP is still 2nd most popular OS even after the end of its support

Windows xp is still 2nd most popular Operating system

Windows XP is gone and Microsoft will not provide updates or security patches for it anymore, but still it is 2nd most popular OS according to the comparison on statcounter (with 16.89% of total OS users from around the globe).

How to change icons of desktop shortcuts?

Every shortcut on desktop has replaceable icons. You can simply change their icons from the properties, but you cannot change icons of some default (system) shortcuts by this simple technique. There is another way to change icons of such shortcuts and is extremely easy. I am using Windows 7, so I am going to guide you with this (other versions can have slightly different methods).

Nokia 3310 is coming back as Windows phone

Latest Nokia 3310
From official blog post

Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and was really famous phone at that time, but as technology improved new phones replaced it. According to Nokia's blog post, "125 million were sold."

Twitter has announced photo tagging. Here is how to opt out?

Twitter has announced new photo tagging feature to make photo sharing more fun. Like Facebook you will be able to upload photos of your friends and tag them, but Twitter will allow you to tag only 10 users. The person tagged in the photo will receive notification.

Thumbnails in promotions tab of your Gmail

Thumbnails in promotions tab of Gmail

Mostly promotional email contains lots of images or at least one. So if you are using Gmail's tabbed inbox and you haven't disabled promotions tab then you'll be able to get in the field trial for Gmail.

Tool - Count characters and words in text snippet or paragraph (LIVE)

Count characters/letters or words live

Sometimes you need to count number of character/letters or even words in something you write. If you have blog or website then you'll know Google indexes only 70 characters of page title in search result. If you have more than 70 characters in your page title, Google is not going to show all of them in search result but Google will choose which are best for user experience.

What avast! wanna say about current usage of Windows XP?

Windows XP is going to die

Everyone knows Microsoft is going to end support for Windows XP on April 8, so most XP users are upgrading to Windows 7 and some are going to fot latest one (Windows 8). But lots of users are not willing to upgrade.

Why some tweets start with dot as first character?

Why some tweets start with dot as first character?

This is an old question but worth mentioning. So you saw a dot in front of a tweet but don't know why it is used?

What causes earthquakes?

Today I felt my chair was shaking while I was working on a web template. I stood up and left the room and went out to see if it was really earthquake or I was being paranoid (because I was sitting in front of my PC writing codes and didn't know how much time I'd spent doing this).

Google drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox pricing. Which one is low-priced?

Google drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox pricing. Which is low-priced?

Everyone needs some safe place to store backup of their files. Google Drive, OneDrive (SkyDrive), Dropbox and some other such cloud storage companies are available which provide you storage to put your files in. Most of them offer some free storage e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox offers 15GB, 7GB and 2GB respectively.

Can I get custom URL for my Google+ profile or page?

can i get Google plus custom/vanity URL?

Google Plus has been discontinued!

What are custom URLs for Google+ profiles or pages?
I think you know what are they and you want one for your profile too. Like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ supports custom URLs. Google added custom URL feature for Google+ profiles in August 2012, but these links were only available to verified accounts. Here is a Post on Google+ by Google+ announcing custom URLs for accounts.

Application with brilliant interface and features for managing your Twitter accounts

Maybe you've heard of Tweetdeck, if not let's talk about it.

tweetdeck, a better application for managing twitter accounts.

Twitterdeck is an application that can help you to manage your twitter accounts in better way. It allows multiple accounts and customizable columns so you can adjust it as you like.

Pinterest is down (03/07/2014)

I wanted to enjoy some awesome pins on Pinterest and was not able to access it. I thought something was wrong with my internet connection. My ISP had already blocked YouTube and couple of other sites, so I thought Pinterest is now on their list too. I tweeted (01:56 GMT+0500) asking twitter users whether their Pinterest is down or it is only mine and found pinterest is really having downtime. After posting tweet I visited #Pinterest hashtag page where I found flood of tweets about this.

There are lots of tweets saying it is down, so I am little bit relaxed (because my ISP didn't block it :-D).

Update (02:39 GMT+0500): Working now.

How Firefox protects your passwords, saved with its password manager?

How firefox protects your password?

Firefox gives you option to setup a master password to make your passwords (stored in its password manager) secure from others who have access to your computer. In recent post, I talked about the protection that chrome provides for passwords stored by its password manager while this post is focusing on Firefox's. [You might also light: How chrome protects you passwords?]

Now Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards

Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards.

Previously Pinterest allowed users to make only 6 secret boards and when user wanted new secret board he/she had to delete old board or make it public, but now Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards. Well, not unlimited, technically. There is a limit for 350 total boards that you can make on Pinterest. Now instead of 6 secret boards you can make 350 if you don't have any other. Seems pretty!

Did you know that Android versions are named alphabetically?

Did you know android versions are codenamed alphabetically?
This image is Modified. Original by Google under creative commons

Different versions of Google's open source Smartphone OS, Android, are named after desserts and these names are in alphabetical order.

How to get notified when others (recipients) read my emails?

You send someone email but you don't know when he/she will read your email or had he/she read your email or not. But this is not a problem these days. There are certain plug-ins which can track email and tell you when your email was read.

One such tool for Gmail (currently supports Chrome and Safari browsers is available for free and is in beta version) can help you to track emails sent through your Gmail account. If you are in hurry go and get streak for your browser from their official website.

What happens to the emails sent to your Facebook Email?

Facebook email

Maybe you didn't know that Facebook offers email address similar to this one ( when you sign up. Every email that anyone sends on this email goes in your Facebook's message inbox. But now Facebook is going to change behavior of this service a little bit.

Inspiring success of Jan Koum

Inspiring success story of Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp.

Jan Koum is the one who sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion. He is the cofounder of most popular and rapidly growing mobile app.

How chrome protects your passwords stored by its password manager?

Google chrome's password manager

Like other browsers Google Chrome also offers to save passwords with other information when a login form is submitted. Chrome will store passwords as plain text which makes all login information available to everyone who can access your computer. But Chrome also added another feature which protects your passwords with a master password.

How to request Facebook for look back videos of deceased persons?

Facebook look back videos for deceased persons.

Facebook wrote in its newsroom that now anyone can request for Look Back video of their loved ones. Facebook said they are helping people to remember their loved ones by memorializing their accounts so they are only visible to friends.

Why Facebook bought WhatsApp? Why and how much popular is it?

Why Facebook bought WhatsApp?

Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 billion is really expensive. Facebook bought Instagram for only $1 billion and Microsoft bought Skype and Nokia for $8.5 billion and $7.2 billion respectively. Maybe now you are also pulling your hairs out of your head because $19 billion is too much but WhatsApp is also not an application to be underestimated.

Get extra free bonus storage by OneDrive (up to 8GB)

Free bonus storage by OneDrive

Recently SkyDrive changed its name because of some copyright issues to OneDrive and is finally live now (OneDrive is live since 19 of February). I'm pretty sure you have your stuff in same way as it was in SkyDrive. SkyDrive used to give 7GB for free to all users and OneDrive is doing the same but it is also offering some more as bonus space.

Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook is among biggest ones and its comparison with others

Maybe you are aware of Facebook's WhatsApp acquisition. If you didn't know till now then maybe you are away from internet because internet is flooded with this. Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook is really most expensive. Here's a chart by statista showing acquisition of some other companies and this one is on the top of them.

Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for total of $19 billion

Facebook to acquire Whatsapp.

Facebook shared a blog post announcing the acquisition of Whatsapp. Facebook is acquiring Whatsapp for $12 billion worth of facebook shares and $4 billion cash and also another $3 billion in restricted stock units for the founders and employees retention.

Why stars twinkle and why they are only visible at night?

Why stars twinkle and whey are they visible at night only?

Did you ever try to think why stars twinkle and also whey they are only visible at night? If yes then I think you might come up with some interesting answers.

I got some interesting answers for these two questions too and both have one thing in common which is responsible for their effects, it is Earth's atmosphere.

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What would happen if Earth stops revolving about its own axis or around the Sun?

What would happen if Earth stops rotating about its own axis or around the sun?

Everyone knows Earth revolves around the Sun and also about its own axis but what if any of these two spinning motions stop?

Why my Windows device is not going to sleep? (Explained)

Recently my PC was not going to sleep mode even I left it idle for more than an hour. So I dug a little bit and came up with some solutions. Solution to my problem was really short. I had switched to High performance power plan and I forgot to switch back to Balanced.

There are some tools/programs which prevent system from sleep mode i.e. Media players will prevent your system from sleep mode so that your PC screen must not go black while you are watching some movie. Some drivers can also prevent sleep mode if they are being used e.g. Audio drivers.

Find out the IP addresses of websites with Command Prompt

Maybe you are familiar with IP addresses because your internet provider provides you an IP address which goes everywhere with you while you are browsing or downloading anything. You can find your IP address easily but what if you want to find out the IP address of the website you are visiting?

Opera Mini, Opera mobile classic or Opera browser for android (which is better for you?)

Opera browsers for android

After using all of these three browsers, I am here to share which is better for you. I am not going in too many details but this information will help you choose the right one; there is no wrong choice because all these browsers are excellent.

Facebook's animated and static free stickers

Facebook sticker store

Facebook allows users to use emoticons and stickers to share what they are feeling. Facebook officially supports lots of stickers which you can get for free without any third party add-ons or anything else.

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New trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2 by Sony Pictures

The amazing Spiderman 2 by sony pictures

So here's another trailer for The Amazing Spiderman fans from Sony pictures. Old ones revealed Spiderman is afraid there will be a more strong power against him to destroy the world but this trailer shows he is really enjoying his journey as Spiderman.

I, Frankenstein is not what I expected

I, frenkenstein 2014

I was waiting for this movie from the time of watching its trailer. It seemed interesting to me but now after its release it is not what I expected.

New tag/category "Entertainment" for related stuff to it - announcement

Finally I am going to expand this little EtHow (Here for everything) blog to little more content which will contain little bit of Entertainment for everyone. I am the only manager and writer for this blog and Tech is one of my favorite categories because I love to explore and write about it but sometimes it gets little messy. If you've read some of my posts then you'll know I don't stick to a single category.

So this new tag will help me to entertain myself and you because I am trying to make this blog a little home for me where I can share what I feel or what is going on in my head.

You are most welcome if you want to share your stuff on EtHow. If you have content that you wanna share just send that to me through email (should be legal). If you have some suggestions for old or new topics just pass them over and I'll try to cover them.

What is Facebook paper?

Paper by Facebook is an app which will let you customize your Facebook experience by getting content from your friends and from others on Facebook. It will show stories elegantly in fullscreen. It has much more features and I am sure those features will make you download this app.

What is OneDrive?

This name is almost getting trending on internet. Maybe you are thinking, is OneDrive a new company? No, it is not! Microsoft is changing name of SkyDrive to OneDrive because of trademark infringement. British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) claimed that SkyDrive of Microsoft is infringing their trademark.

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How to Encrypt individual files and folders with AxCrypt for better security

AxCrypt for encrypting individual files or folders with passphrase or key-file

I am sure that there are some files or folders in your PC that you don't wanna share with anyone or you have some personal information that you don't want to be shared with agencies who are spying on you. If it is the case then let me tell you that you can protect your files or folders by encrypting them.

How to write symbols or words of other languages not available on your keyboard

There are lots of symbols (alpha, beta, gamma, degree …) which don’t have buttons on your keyboard but you can still use them in documents or anywhere you want.

Different OS have different built-in tools for adding such symbols. In Windows and Linux there is tool for adding symbols, named as Character Map. Tool with similar functionality in Mac OS is named as Special Character Viewer. Here is how to access them in different Operating systems.

Updates to Pinterest for alluring pins (January 2014)

Recently pinterest has added two new awesome features that can boost your pins’ engagement.

  1. GIF support
  2. Recipe filters

LG G Flex – First flexible as well as curved Smartphone

LG G Flex Smartphone

Smartphone is the thing everyone needs these days. LG developed first of its kind of Smartphone (LG G Flex) which is curved, flexible and have self healing ability.

What was the reason of Dropbox's outage (Jan 10, 2014)

Dropbox experianced down time

Dropbox which is now among most trusted and popular cloud storage, experienced outage which affected users for ~48 hours. But dropbox explained in blog post what happened to the services and there is nothing to worry about.

What are Hypervelocity stars (HVSs)? New class of them discovered recently

Hypervelocity stars - large blue stars

There are different types of stars and maybe we cannot even count them. There are stars that differ from others due to their velocity I think and are known as Hypervelocity stars. These stars have too much high velocity that is not possible for other ordinary stars that are present in our galaxy.

Use iris of your eye as password

These days privacy is not safe and one way to make it is by making your passwords complex enough that no one gets access to your accounts. As I’ve already said, don’t use same password for different accounts because if someone guesses your password he’ll get access to all of your accounts.

Send emails to your Google+ connections whether you know their email or not

Send emails to your Google+ connections.

Recently a new feature was introduced by Google for Gmail and Google+ users. This is not a problem anymore if you wanna send email to a person but you don’t know his/her email address. This is not going to work either if that person is not in your Google Plus connections because you can send emails to your Google+ connections too.

Clean your teeth and view reports on your Smartphone – Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

This tooth brush connects with app installed on your Smartphone via Bluetooth and then synchronizes the data it collects from your teeth. According to official website it is world’s first connected toothbrush.