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Have a look on newly built Opera Browser

Developers of Opera redesigned it and developed it for superior speed and ease of use. New opera browser is based on Google’s Chromium engine (being used in Google Chrome). Maybe now someone gets in trouble of choosing best browser between Opera and Chrome because both are using same engines. (Read also: Install Chrome's extensions in Opera and Opera's in Chrome)

Where is Opera Turbo in New Opera?

off-road mod previously known as Opera turbo
Well, opera turbo is now given new name Off-Road mod. It supports SPDY protocol by Google which will allow you to speed up your browsing if you are on low speed connection.

What is new in Speed dial?

Add shortcuts to folder in new opera 15
Now you can arrange shortcuts in different folders.
Add to speed dial
Click on icon at left side of heart icon to add a webpage to your speed dial. Alternatively you can right click on webpage and click on add to speed dial.

What is discover?

Click on it to get most up-to-date articles and you can select any category for this.

What is Stash?

click to add websites to stash
Visit any website and click on heart like icon in right side of address bar. Alternatively right click on page and click on stash.
Now when you open a new tab you'll get stash with heart icon under address bar. Click on it to get previews of websites you stashed.
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