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Free 15GB (extra) by SkyDrive for users of iCloud

Free 15GB storage by SkyDrive
Users of MobileMe got 20 GB of free storage when they moved to iCloud. Now that plan is going to expire on 30/09/2013 and apple will downgrade users to free plan that is providing 5 GB of storage.
What if you have more than 5 GB of storage used?
You have to free up space by deleting unused files or upgrade to some paid plan.
But Microsoft (SkyDrive) is taking benefit from this downgrade. They are giving away free 15 GB additional storage for one year to users of iCloud who got downgrade email from apple. Free storage provided to everyone by SkyDrive is 7 GB and if you get 15 GB more you'll have 22 GB of free storage.

How to get it?

Just forward email that you got from Apple to SkyDrive ( for some confirmation purpose. After this you'll get Email from them which will contain code that you'll use to redeem free storage. (You may like: Free additional 3 GB SkyDrive for Students)

How to redeem code?

Just go to and sign in to your account. Click on manage storage and then on Redeem SkyDrive Code.
free storage by skydrive for iCloud users
Copy code from email that you received from SkyDrive and paste that in given box.
free 15 gb storage redeem by skydrive for icloud users
After pasting click on Redeem button. Now enjoy free storage for one year. If you still need more space then go for Google Drive or Bitcasa (Read: Free 15 GB storage by Google Drive and Free 10 GB by Bitcasa infinite drive).
Update: This offer has expired.
Update: SkyDrive changed its name to OneDrive and now it is offering up to 8GB of free extra storage along with 7GB, that everyone gets for signing up.