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Find out what hardware is in your CPU

Speccy for finding out what hardware you have in your PC

May be you want to know what hardware you CPU got. Some information about your hardware is available in windows. But in order to find out all you have to open up your CPU. Opening up your CPU is not good idea when you can get all required information with single software. Speccy is that software which can give you detailed information about your CPU’s hardware.
Speccy is another product of Piriform who created cCleaner, Recuva (can recover files) and defraggler (can be used to defragment hard drive). Speccy can tell you brand and model of your CPU processor. It can also help you to find what kind of RAM you have in your pc i.e. DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 or SDR. It can give you information about your hard drive and speed of it too and also it will tell you what Graphic card and motherboard your pc got in it.
CPU information with speccy

Hard Drive information with speccy
Speccy also give you information about temperature of different components available. You can change temperature to Fahrenheit or to Celsius from options. It is really awesome for those who want to increase their system ram but don’t know what kind of ram they got in their PC.
Change temperature to Celcius or Fahrenheit in speccy
Speccy’s start screen will give you basic information about your hardware. You can click on CPU to get all available information about your CPU or you can click on hard drives to get all available information about your hard drive and so on.