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Get 10 GB of free cloud storage from Bitcasa infinite drive

Free 10 GB cloud storage by Bitcasa infinite drive
In some previous posts I shared about some other cloud storage providers. Here is another cloud storage provider that is giving 10 GB of storage for free. Recently Google announced that each user now can use 15 GB of free storage for Google+ Photos, Google Drive and Gmail. If your Google Drive is full and you don’t want to purchase more storage then get 10 GB for free from Bitcasa infinite drive.
You can install Bitcasa on your PC or on your mobile device to synchronize files as you save them. It is also available for Mac and Linux users. After installing Bitcasa you’ll see it as a separate drive which you can access like other drives on your device. You can sign up from the web interface or from within the software after it is installed.
After installation Bitcasa Infinite drive will ask you which folders you want to be mirrored from which everything will be uploaded to servers. If you mirrored some folder that you no more want to be synchronized just stop mirroring for that folder. You can also copy and paste files in Infinite drive to upload them. You can access upload progress from tray icon. You can upload or delete files and folders using its web interface. You can also play audio songs and videos. If you upload new version of some file old version will be accessible too. So you can access old files and even recover deleted files but this feature is not available in desktop software. (Related: Free cloud storage by Dropbox)

Which devices are supported by Bitcasa?

iPhone, iPad, all android devices and all Windows RT. Also support windows 8 and all windows 8 devices.

Privacy and security

Bitcasa uses AES-256 encryption which is normally banking level encryption. Your every file is encrypted before it is uploaded. They are providing you even better privacy than Google Drive and SkyDrive. According to them only you can access your files not even admin of bitcasa. They cannot even see names of files you uploaded. They have encrypted files of all users on their servers so they don’t know which file belongs to which user. (Related: Free additional 3GB storage by SkyDrive)

Professional plan

If you have too much files to host on cloud then you should upgrade to its Pro plan which gives you infinite storage for only $10/month or you can pay them $99/year. Just get high speed internet and forget about space. You’ll never run out of space because you can upload each and every file to bitcasa using their infinite plan.
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