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Lock or unlock your bicycle with your smart phone

Use Bitlock to lock or unlock bicycle from smart phone

Technology is really getting better day by day and we've got really awesome stuff that we used to think impossible. Now smart phones are almost essential for everyone because it can get you lot more than you think. Recently I discovered bitlock which you can use to lock your bicycle from your smart phone. Bitlock created lock which give you key in your smart phone, so, you don't have to take keys with you to lock or unlock your bicycle. You can preorder it on kickstarter if you want to get it.

How it works?

You get a special lock to lock your bike and software that you can install in your smart phone (Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or later and iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S). After installing bitlock app in your phone your phone will work as key. You can simply lock or unlock your bicycle from button in app that you installed on your phone. It can unlock your bike automatically when you come within 3 feet of your bike (in order to get auto-unlock functionality make sure app is running in background).

Bitlock records the location of your bike while you lock/unlock it using GPS of your phone. You can generate backup key which you can use when you don't have your phone or your phone is out of battery. Bitlock gives you option to share location of your bike with your friends or anyone you want. It can track how much calories you burned or how much distance you covered on bike. There are some other features like this but they'll definitely drain battery life of your phone, so, there are options to disable feature that you don't want.