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China's Chang'e 3 soft landed on surface of moon

Chang'e 3 on surface of moon.

Chang’e is the goddess of moon for Chinese, so, they named their spacecraft with the name of their goddess and rover which this spacecraft took to the Moon was named as Yutu (Jade Rabbit). Chang’e landed on surface of moon on 14 December 2013. It was first thing to soft-land on the surface of moon after 1976 (Luna 24). Luna 24 was the first spacecraft which made soft landing on moon’s surface and returned samples of lunar surface in a capsule which returned to earth’s surface.

Yutu rover:

YUTU rover with chang'e 3 spaceship on moon

Coloured picture of moon's surface:

Colored picture of moon's surface from chang'e 3

Live video of Chang'e 3:

Source: China Space Facebook