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How to create street view with android phone

Contribute to google maps' Street View

Google cannot get everywhere to capture images for street view of Google Maps, so, now Google allows everyone to share images so every place gets on Google’s street view. If you have android 4.2 (Jelly bean) phone then consider yourself lucky because android 4.2 have a new camera feature called photo sphere which can capture 360 degree photo of surroundings.

How to capture Photo Spheres with android?

  • Open up camera app and from current mode switch to photo sphere.
  • Take a starting picture normally and then move camera so that blue dot is at center. Keep camera steady, after getting a frame of scene stop button will appear.
  • Don't move from the place where you took first photo and move mobile camera following the dots to capture that area.
  • Keep doing this till you get your required photo sphere.
  • You can also tap on undo button if previous shot was not what you wanted.

Get your street view on Google Maps

To get your street view on Google Maps you just need to make photo spheres and then upload them to Views by Google Maps. From there you can connect different together and publish them so that people can view them on Google maps.

Source: Google-latlong