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How to create Shared Albums on Facebook – step-by-step tutorial

Facebook rolled out Shared Facebook albums.
Maybe most of you know that Facebook rolled out shared albums using which you and your friends can upload photos to single album and it’ll be shown in all contributor’s profile. I got this shared album today so I thought to make a step-by-step guide of it. You can create new shared album or just convert existing album to shared album.

How to make new shared album?

How to create new shared album on facebook
Making shared album is really easy. First of all you have to make a new album. Go to your profile if you are logged in. Click on photos and click on create album or click albums and click on create new album from there. (Related: Awesome games on Facebook)
Create new share facebook album.
You'll get a popup window from where you can choose photos from your computer’s hard drive. Choose photos you want to upload to your new album.
Uploading photos to new facebook album for making shared album.
When you click open you'll see progress bar about uploading photos. While your photos are being uploaded give the album a name and description. After photos are uploaded click on Post Photos. (Related: Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
creating shared albums easily. Step-by-step guide.
After clicking on post photos Facebook will redirect you to your newly created album from where you can click on Make Shared album button to add contributors to your album.
Privacy for shared albums. adding contributors to shared facebook albums.
If you want your friends can also add their friends as contributors then check the box before contributors can add their friends as contributors. Change privacy of album according to your needs and click on save button.
Information about shared Facebook album.
You'll see names of contributors under name of album.

How to add contributors to existing albums?

Just open existing album and you'll see make shared album button at top left corner. Click on that, add contributors, change privacy according to your needs and everything is done.