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Freeware Partition Managers

Freeware Partition Managers
If you want to manage your files easily then you should have multiple partitions on your hard drive. If you have only one partition then if you reinstall Windows, you’ll lose all data in that partition. Windows have built-in partition manager that mostly all of us use. But there are some third party tools that have more features than built-in Manager.

Freeware Partition Managers
There are lots of partition managers. Two freeware partition managers are given below.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 8

Freeware Partition Manager (MiniTool)
This is free for home users and is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also for Windows 8. It supports ATA (IDE), SATA, SCSI and USB drives as well. It can work on normal hardware.


  • Using this you can resize, create, extend, delete, format, hide and recover partition.
  • Split single partition into two partitions.
  • Extend a partition.
  • It can also convert NTFS to FAT.
  • You can have a look on partitions previously created and deleted even if you didn't use this tool before.
  • You can copy data from a hard drive to another easily without any loss using its data clone technology. This feature could be used to make backup of your hard drive data.
  • It’s free and awesome because it supports hard drive or partition having more than 2 TB of capacity.

EaseUS Partition Manager 9.2.2 Free Edition

EaseUS partition Manager ethow
Like above tool it also have free version that home users can use without buying. It supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. It has some more awesome features than MiniTool partition manager. It is being use by more than 10,000,000 users worldwide.
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  • Resize, move or extend partitions. (It can extend NTFS partitions without restarting your PC.)
  • It allows you to delete data securely that you don’t want to be recovered back. (This is useful for those users who want to sell their PC along with its hard drive. SEE ALSO: Erase data properly before selling your PC)
  • Convert primary to logical and logical to primary drive.
  • It also got Linux Partition management.
  • It can copy data from single partition or from whole drive.

This tool is really useful for those users who want to upgrade their hard drive but don’t want to install Windows or anything else again. Because it can copy data from one hard drive to another hard drive easily. Install both hard drives in your CPU and copy everything from old hard drive to new. After successful copy shutdown your PC and replace old hard drive with new one.

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