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Planet discovered in 2013 (Kepler-78b)

Earth sized exoplanet named as Kepler-78b

21st century is really going awesome with technology. Plenty of new things are developed and tons of old things are improved for superior future. In this race of technology our space technology is also improving swiftly. Now we are being offered to have a space trip by various companies. Our technology is getting to other planets in search of life and answers. [ Space trip with helium balloon ]

Extrasolar planets or Exoplanets

Extrasolar planet or exoplanet discovered in 2013.

Exoplanets (consider it as a short version of Extrasolar planets) are those planets that are not from our solar system. They orbit around their own Sun like star. According to Wikipedia there are more than a thousand such planets that have been discovered. 1 out of 5 Sun like starts have planets that resemble to our planet Earth in habitable zone [1].

China's Chang'e 3 soft landed on surface of moon

Chang'e 3 on surface of moon.

Chang’e is the goddess of moon for Chinese, so, they named their spacecraft with the name of their goddess and rover which this spacecraft took to the Moon was named as Yutu (Jade Rabbit). Chang’e landed on surface of moon on 14 December 2013. It was first thing to soft-land on the surface of moon after 1976 (Luna 24). Luna 24 was the first spacecraft which made soft landing on moon’s surface and returned samples of lunar surface in a capsule which returned to earth’s surface.

This helium balloon will be taking you to the space trip

This helium balloon will take you to the space

Are you planning some big trip? Give this helium balloon a try! Save your money for a space trip because it’ll cost you $75,000.

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How to create street view with android phone

Contribute to google maps' Street View

Google cannot get everywhere to capture images for street view of Google Maps, so, now Google allows everyone to share images so every place gets on Google’s street view. If you have android 4.2 (Jelly bean) phone then consider yourself lucky because android 4.2 have a new camera feature called photo sphere which can capture 360 degree photo of surroundings.

Android 4.4.1 is coming out

Androind 4.4.1 is coming out

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There were lots of new features introduced in Android 4.4 (KitKat). I have already a post on some of them. New version 4.4.1 is not getting you too much updated features like 4.4 did but there are certain changes that make it even smarter. Main improvements are for camera and some other speaker bugs are fixed for nexus 5. Wireless display is now renamed to Cast screen.

Microsoft doesn’t want to keep Windows XP and China doesn’t want to leave it

Microsoft don't want to keep windows XP alive

Everyone use or used Windows for their PCs and among all the older versions windows XP was the best OS from Microsoft. It was released on 24 august 2001 and was most popular till windows 7 came out. Microsoft is going to give up Support for XP on April 8, 2014.