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Gmail’s new tabbed inbox waiting for you

Tabbed gmail inbox
I didn't know about new tabbed version of Gmail’s inbox but yesterday I got my eyes on that when I visited Gmail from my web browser. I found it very pretty and now it is really easy to manage all my emails. That is because now I can manage my emails in multiple tabs.
If you did not get new inbox have a look on below picture.
tabs of gmail inbox
In Primary tab all person to person emails are stored. All those emails that do not appear in tabs appear here. Starred emails can also get in this tab if you configured it.
In Social tab you'll get emails that you received from media sharing websites or from social networks like Facebook & Twitter etc.
Emails having deals and offers are available in Promotions tab.
Emails having auto-generated updated, receipts and bills are stored in Updates tab.
Forums tab gets all emails that you receive from mailing lists, groups or from discussion boards.

How to get this tabbed inbox?

Some of my friends still don't have this tabbed inbox so maybe some of you also using old inbox version. If you want to get this just click on setting gear at top right corner and click on configure inbox.
how to get tabs in gmail
From there select which tabs you want in your inbox and click save button.
Configuring tabs for gmail

What I think about new tabbed inbox:

In my opinion with new tabbed inbox you can manage your emails easily. You can read only those emails that you want without getting headache of other emails. Recently before this tabbed inbox I got 13 emails from Twitter and 6 from Facebook. It was little difficult to find email that I received from my friend. But now social emails remain in social tab.