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7zip (for personal use) is better than winrar and winzip
Maybe you used Winrar or Winzip but as these are not free so now you are looking for freeware alternatives that can perform tasks like these. One best free alternative is 7zip.

Facebook graph search

Graph search is introduced by Facebook for quick search

These days social networks are great way to get connected with friends and family. Millions of users from all around the world are using Facebook for connecting with people in their life. Developers of Facebook always try to introduce new features so that users can use Facebook more easily. Recently Facebook introduced Graph search. Using graph search is really easy and useful. I suggest you to get it now.

Winzip Review

Winzip Logo

Its first version was released in 1991 I was not even born at that time. Well! This is best compression tool for all popular formats with some extra features. It is shareware and not freeware. It is available in two editions one is pro and other is standard. The cost of pro edition is $49.95 and of standard edition is $29.95.

Portable Antivirus (Freeware)

free portable antivirus
Antivirus is very essential these days because there are lots of viruses all around the world. Some viruses can destroy your files and some may destroy your operating system (i.e. Windows) and other data. There are some viruses that can track your information and send to its creator. So you should install antivirus if you want to be safe from such viruses.

Which browser is best for future websites? (HTML5 Comparison)

Which browser is best for future websites? (HTML5 Comparison) main

Mostly users of windows are using Internet explorer, users of Linux are using Firefox, users of Mac are using safari and users of Chromebook are using Google Chrome. They are using these browsers because these are default browsers in their Operating systems (OS).
Mostly different people install all of these above mentioned browsers to test them. Because they want to know which browser is better for them? Different browsers have different speeds for opening a website. I've tried all of these but my default browser is Chrome due to its features. But I have installed Firefox and Opera too. Sometimes for changed interface and for some other purposes I use both these.

Free online storage by Google (Google Drive)

free online storage by google drive
Google drive is powered by Google and allows you to make some office files online or you can upload your files to make their backup. You can also use SkyDrive powered by Microsoft if you want. But if you have filled your storage space in SkyDrive then you can use Google Drive to save your more files. So let me tell you how you can use this for uploading your files or making their backup. You only need Google account for accessing Google Drive and you'll get 5GB of free storage space.

How to create themes for Google Chrome

make theme for Google chrome for free without skills
Google Chrome is best browser and is being used by millions of users all around the world. There are many plug-ins and themes in Google web store and you can completely customize your Chrome browser as you want using those themes in web store. But mostly all themes are not better. You may want to make your own theme with your pictures and colors of your taste.

Use keyboard as mouse

keyboard as mouse
You may know that you can use keyboard as mouse. If you don’t know then read this article, I am going to explain how to get your keyboard to work as mouse. This is helpful if your mouse is out of order or something else. You can use this on your laptop if there are NUM pad keys on it.