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Some of the best Sunsets

Happy Earth Day and keep loving Earth.

Who says world is not beautiful? Here are some of the best Sunsets from around the world.

sunset captured from aeroplane

Awesome Sunset captured from aeroplane

Martin Teschner/Flickr

What is Heartbleed bug and how I am affected?

Heartbleed bug made web vulnerable.
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Recently a massive vulnerability is found in the (open-source) OpenSSL library. Websites starting with https:// were vulnerable due to this bug named as heartbleed (website dedicated to heartbleed FAQs).

OpenSSL is used to keep information and web secure but vulnerability in it allowed attacker to reveal 64kB of memory and this memory handling bug was there for at least 2 years. OpenSSL vulnerabilities

Windows XP is still 2nd most popular OS even after the end of its support

Windows xp is still 2nd most popular Operating system

Windows XP is gone and Microsoft will not provide updates or security patches for it anymore, but still it is 2nd most popular OS according to the comparison on statcounter (with 16.89% of total OS users from around the globe).

How to change icons of desktop shortcuts?

Every shortcut on desktop has replaceable icons. You can simply change their icons from the properties, but you cannot change icons of some default (system) shortcuts by this simple technique. There is another way to change icons of such shortcuts and is extremely easy. I am using Windows 7, so I am going to guide you with this (other versions can have slightly different methods).

Nokia 3310 is coming back as Windows phone

Latest Nokia 3310
From official blog post

Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and was really famous phone at that time, but as technology improved new phones replaced it. According to Nokia's blog post, "125 million were sold."