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Windows 8 is better than Windows 7

Windows 8 start menu
So now you are thinking to upgrade your system to new OS by Microsoft but you are confused like me. But I upgraded to Windows 8. There are lots of people saying that Windows 8 is horrible but in my opinion windows 8 is better for both desktops and laptops. Windows 8 starts quickly and takes less time than Windows 7. Its start menu is my favorite one. In Windows 7 you were allowed to install third party gadgets but some of them were harmful.

Now in windows 8 you get applications from store and all these are secure because you are downloading apps directly from Microsoft and you can use them from start menu.
Windows 8 store
You may find some features odd but this is because they developed it for both touch and non-touch devices.
Some people said that they don’t know how to close apps in windows 8 but closing applications is very easy. Just move your mouse at top of app and from there drag application to bottom of screen. There are some other ways to do this but I am not going to discuss those with you now.
Windows 8 is better for laptops because with it your laptop’s battery can last longer. You’ll love its new search feature. Move your cursor to top right corner or to bottom right corner to get list of some features. From here you can access search feature.
Windows 8 with righ menu

Windows 8 search
Windows 8 give you option to connect your hotmail, live or outlook id with it. If you connect your id with it you’ll get settings and some files synchronized. If you use multiple windows 8 devices then you can have your syncronized files and settings to all of them.
I like Windows 8 more than Windows 7 because of its speed in everything. This is reason that I am asking you to upgrade to windows 8. Microsoft said that Windows 8 can run on some old machines so you don’t have to burn your pockets to get Windows 8 pc.
Have a look on another start menu picture
Windows 8 start menu