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Maybe an older version of Earth is found (Kepler-452b)

Kepler-452b might be the earths future or maybe even earth 2.0

Kepler mission of NASA confirmed the discovery of a planet currently named as Kepler-452b. Well, this is an exoplanet which resembles to that of our home planet Earth. This planet is orbiting around G2-Type star like our sun and is in the habitable zone.

GPA calculator - Calculate your GPA/CGPA and quality points

You don't have to go through all the calculations to calculate you GPA/CGPA and quality points in all subjects individually. This simple tool will help you get through easily. All you have to do is to use your mouse for some clicks and your keyboard for some keystrokes. This tool will generate a full result card having quality points, grade and percentage etc.

Read the "how to use this tool" section if you don't understand how to use this to get your GPA/CGPA and quality points.