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What is OneDrive?

This name is almost getting trending on internet. Maybe you are thinking, is OneDrive a new company? No, it is not! Microsoft is changing name of SkyDrive to OneDrive because of trademark infringement. British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) claimed that SkyDrive of Microsoft is infringing their trademark.

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How to Encrypt individual files and folders with AxCrypt for better security

AxCrypt for encrypting individual files or folders with passphrase or key-file

I am sure that there are some files or folders in your PC that you don't wanna share with anyone or you have some personal information that you don't want to be shared with agencies who are spying on you. If it is the case then let me tell you that you can protect your files or folders by encrypting them.

How to write symbols or words of other languages not available on your keyboard

There are lots of symbols (alpha, beta, gamma, degree …) which don’t have buttons on your keyboard but you can still use them in documents or anywhere you want.

Different OS have different built-in tools for adding such symbols. In Windows and Linux there is tool for adding symbols, named as Character Map. Tool with similar functionality in Mac OS is named as Special Character Viewer. Here is how to access them in different Operating systems.

Updates to Pinterest for alluring pins (January 2014)

Recently pinterest has added two new awesome features that can boost your pins’ engagement.

  1. GIF support
  2. Recipe filters

LG G Flex – First flexible as well as curved Smartphone

LG G Flex Smartphone

Smartphone is the thing everyone needs these days. LG developed first of its kind of Smartphone (LG G Flex) which is curved, flexible and have self healing ability.

What was the reason of Dropbox's outage (Jan 10, 2014)

Dropbox experianced down time

Dropbox which is now among most trusted and popular cloud storage, experienced outage which affected users for ~48 hours. But dropbox explained in blog post what happened to the services and there is nothing to worry about.

What are Hypervelocity stars (HVSs)? New class of them discovered recently

Hypervelocity stars - large blue stars

There are different types of stars and maybe we cannot even count them. There are stars that differ from others due to their velocity I think and are known as Hypervelocity stars. These stars have too much high velocity that is not possible for other ordinary stars that are present in our galaxy.

Use iris of your eye as password

These days privacy is not safe and one way to make it is by making your passwords complex enough that no one gets access to your accounts. As I’ve already said, don’t use same password for different accounts because if someone guesses your password he’ll get access to all of your accounts.

Send emails to your Google+ connections whether you know their email or not

Send emails to your Google+ connections.

Recently a new feature was introduced by Google for Gmail and Google+ users. This is not a problem anymore if you wanna send email to a person but you don’t know his/her email address. This is not going to work either if that person is not in your Google Plus connections because you can send emails to your Google+ connections too.

Clean your teeth and view reports on your Smartphone – Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

This tooth brush connects with app installed on your Smartphone via Bluetooth and then synchronizes the data it collects from your teeth. According to official website it is world’s first connected toothbrush.

2014 - Privacy is not safe

Privacy is not private at all in 2014

These days everyone uses social networks for connecting with friends and family. They provide good means of communications but they also have lots of information that you don't want to share with everyone. In this age of social networks, protecting our privacy is really essential. Recently snapchat got hacked and hackers managed to pull out information of about 4.6 million users. Usernames and phone numbers were published on web. One kind act of hacker was that he blurred out last two digits of numbers. But phone numbers were published which is not a good thing for a person who don’t want to share his number with someone.

Happy New Year (2014)

Happy New Year
Photo by Chris Phutully (Flickr)

I hope everyone have enjoyed last night and is enjoying/enjoyed first day of 2014. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year full of joys and fun.