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Connect with world through Google plus

connect with world through Google Plus

Google+ is second most popular social networking site in world (having 500 million users) and is keeping people together since 2011. Like Facebook Google plus can connect you with your friends and family in different ways. You can send messages to your friends, make video call and you can also share what's new only with them. You can add family members and your friends in circles to arrange them in such a way so that you can share things easily if you want to share with them only.

You can create or join communities on Google plus to discuss something. Google+ gives you option to make pages if you own a business or for any purpose you want (and purpose should be legal too). In my opinion Google Plus offers lot more stuff than Facebook (But Facebook is also trying its best to compete with Google+).

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Images that you upload to Google+ are saved in your Picasa account. You can access your pictures from there if you want. Like Facebook you can create events on Google+ too. You can get all information about restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels around you just by clicking on Local from menu. If you want to know what is going around the world just click on what's hot to see latest most popular posts from all around the world.

Connect with your Friends and family

Google plus provides you different ways to connect with your friends and family members:

Send messages to your friends or make vidoe calls by google hangout

You can send them direct message or make a video call through hangout.

Get video party on google plus

Start video party and invite all of your friends to enjoy hangout. You can share screen of your desktop, watch YouTube videos with your friends and more.

Share post with someone or with whole circle

Post status to someone or to some specific circle so that only that person or persons from circle can see posts.