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Freeware apps to Defragment your hard drives

In my last post speed up your PC by defragmenting your hard drive, I told you to defragment your hard drive so that your PC works with maximum potential. Some of you might not like default defragmenting tools of Windows, so here are some 3rd party tools that can help you to defragment your hard drive quickly and efficiently. Some of these allows defragmenting single files and folders too.

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is an awesome alternative to Windows default defragmenting tool. It can defragment your hard drive at boot time. You can also schedule defragmentation as you like. It gives you two options for scheduling. Schedule it for idle time or you can give it specific hours when you don't use your PC. Smart Defrag works fast, automatically and quietly in background and it is suitable for large hard drives.

Get Smart Defrag


This is an awesome Defragment tool too. It has quick defragment option which can defragment your files in short time. This application is also available as portable version, so you can use it on different computers from your USB drive. This app give you option to defragment your drive automatically after regular intervals. Defraggler give another option which allows you to clean your free space on your hard drive. This application supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems. Set priority to normal or to background according to your need from settings menu. You may know that CCleaner is also by this company.

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Auslogics Disk Defrag

Like defraggler and smart Defrag it is also an awesome app. It give you option to optimize your drive or files too. Optimization increases your device’s speed. You can defragment single folder containing files or even a single file. It can also defrag your pc when it is idle and also at scheduled time. It also merges scattered pieces of free space which prevents fragmentation of new files. It is also available as portable version. You can change priority settings in this too.

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Speed up your PC by defragmenting hard drive

Speed up your PC by defragmenting fragmented hard drive
You may have noticed that when you bought your pc it used to work little faster than now. You may want to know why your PC's performance is reduced. Well this is because your hard drive got fragmented. Due to over and over use of hard drive makes it fragmented. It is hard for your device to find files from a fragmented hard drive.

Add password protection to your USB drives

add password protection to your usb drives and external drives
I had data on my USB drive that I didn't wanted to share with anyone so I did a little research and got some programs that can protect files by Passwords. I thought you may also like to protect your files so I am sharing those tools with you. Here are those tools that will help you to add passwords to your USB drive.

Some awesome games on Facebook

Facebook is being used all around the world. This site helps you to connect with people in your life. This also allows you to play games for fun and entertainment. Some awesome and popular games are given below.

Baseball Heroes

Baseball Facebook game
Baseball Heroes was launched by Syntasia in 2012 and is very popular game. It got 5 stars from most users.

Black menu for Google Chrome

Black menu extension for Google Chrome
Black menu introduced for Google chrome is not developed by Google but it is based on menu that Google got almost a year ago and that menu was removed maybe due to some reasons.

Get Facebook chat on desktop without visiting

Get facebook chat on desktop and chat without visiting
As you know Facebook is most used and most famous social network around the world. It can connect you with people in your life no matter how far they are from you. They provide live chat and you can also make video calls after installing their video call plug-in. But maybe you don’t like visiting every time you want to have chat with someone. So, let me introduce some programs that can get Facebook chat on your desktop.[You may like: Facebook Graph search]

Use street view to explore mountains

Explore mountains with Google Maps
Google maps is really working very hard and making every place available for virtual visit. After underwater view now Google maps got you street view of mountains. Have you used underwater view?

Google Maps got underwater view for you

Underwater view by Google maps
You may have used street view provided by Google maps. Today I got some other awesome updates that Google map brought to everyone. Google maps got two really awesome features that you should use.

Google Maps got you underwater street view. Now you can view underwater images whenever you want. You can see fishes, turtles and every other water life without even going in water. I called this underwater street view because it is based on street view technology.

Android devices can now translate different languages without internet connection using Google Translate

Google translate is available with offiline language pack for android.
We must connect our android device to internet few days ago in order to get translations of different languages but now Google Translate is available for android that support 50 offline languages. Now you can download and install Google translate on your android device and can choose and install up to 50 languages that are available for offline translation.