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Open PDF files without Adobe Reader

Adobe reader alternatives.

PDF file format was created by adobe and in beginning adobe reader was the only program that was able to handle PDF files. It had long series of security flaws that’s why this was not good for use. Its security and speed is improved but some users are still not satisfied.
Now there are lots of free alternatives for adobe reader that everyone can use. I think now there is no need of adobe reader or alternatives of it because now browsers can open PDF files.

Reduce size of PDF files

Reduce or compress PDF files easily.
You may have PDF files of large sizes that you want to share with your friends but due to large sizes you cannot share all of them easily. If you have slow internet connection then you should use use below mentioned tools to reduce size of PDF files to minimum size so that those could be shared easily without taking too much time.

Delete duplicate files without any effort

Delete duplicate files easily
Mostly users get their hard drive full and get notification asking to free up some space. Did you thought how your hard drive space got full?

Google Glass (Developed by Google)

Google glass developed by Google
Google glass is an augmented reality (Live, direct, indirect, view of physical or real world) computer that users can wear like goggles and it have head mounted display (Developed by Google). It is based on idea that computer and internet could be interacted from anywhere without even moving hands.

Now its time to charge phones wirelessly

charge phones with induction chargers wirelessly
Technology is improving much more rapidly. These days we can access internet without any need of wire and we can also connect many gadgets with our phones/computers wirelessly (Headphones etc).
Some years ago we had to connect our charger with our phones to get them charged. But now this problem is solved too. Now phones could be charged without any wire. But you cannot charge old phones using induction chargers because they are not designed to get charged by induction chargers and this feature is not available in all new phones but maybe in future.

Unblock YouTube and some other websites OR surf websites securely

Unblock YouTube and surf securely.

There are many useful websites that are blocked in some countries. One example that I can give you is YouTube that is blocked in some countries. YouTube have enough useful stuff that can make a user busy for years. If you want to unblock all website like YouTube then you should download any of below software. These programs not only unblock blocked website but also give you privacy. So you can use these programs if you want to make your browsing private and secure.

Animals can now control computers with their brains using a wireless device

This is a 2.2 inch device created by Brown University that can track what animals think. They implanted this device in heads of a no. of pigs and monkeys. If this is a successful experiment then this is a great development for those having little mobility (Movement).
As they implanted it in monkey’s head so when monkey grab anything or move his hand they can record what is going on in his brain. This device captures neural activities while animals perform some work.
Heart of the device is pill-sized electrode chip that is implanted on cortex. Signals from neurons are sent to titanium box having processor, lithium-ion battery, wireless radio and infrared transmitter. This device is recharged through wireless induction and it consumes very small amount of power.