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YouTube Live Broadcast for users having more than 100 subscribers

YouTube Live Broadcast if you have more than 100 subscribers.
Did you ever wanted live broadcast on YouTube? If yes then here is good news for you. You can broadcast your live video if you have 100 or more subscribers and your channel should be in good standing condition. Previously live broadcasting was for those who had more than 1000 subscribers but now small business or individual channel administrators got chance to broadcast live videos. Visit account features page click on enable button if you want to get live streaming feature. According to YouTube this feature will be available in few weeks.

Some other features

Custom thumbnails:

Now you can upload custom images for thumbnails that users will see when they search for any video. You can upload still images captured from videos to properly describe what users will see in video.

Drive traffic to your blog:

If you are a blogger then you can connect your youtube channel with your domain name and add annotations to specific pages on your blog.