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Recover your deleted files for free

Recover deleted files for free with recuva
Do you want to recover your deleted files easily without paying any thing then have a look on Recuva. Have you used free cCleaner and Defraggler? (Read also: Free tools to defregment your hard drive) If you did then let me tell you that developers of cCleaner and Defraggler are also developers of Recuva. You can get recuva free of cost for home use. It can recover those file that you don’t wanted to delete but you did unintentionally. If you deleted a file you can simply recover it from recycle bin but if you lost files from there too then Recuva can help you.

It can recover deleted files from your computer, flash drive and any other source where you had your files. You can even recover your emails and music from your IPod or from any mp3 player. You can select which type of file you want to recover. (Read also: How to recover files from corrupted DVD or CD)
Select which type of files you want to recover.
Recuva can recover files from formatted hard drive. It can still help you if you got your hard drive crashed and you lost your important files. If you were writing something in word and you forgot to save it or if MS word crashed recuva will rebuild your Word document for you. Recuva also allows you to select which files you want to recover after scan for deleted files is completed.
select a file to recover.
Recuva can also help you if you want to delete a file and you don’t want it to be recoverable. You can securely delete files from your hard drive. (Read also: Erase data properly before selling your PC)
You can keep recuva with you in your USB drive and you can use it on any PC because it is also available as portable version. This is available in more than 37 languages. (All images by official website)

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