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Twitter shows picture and video previews by default without any click

Twitter is showing image and video previews. This Tuesday Twitter announced new update in home feed. Now you'll see image and video previews without clicking on show button. This update is also available to android and iOS users who updated their app.

Easiest ways to add Geo tag to photos

Add GPS tag to photos

Geo tag gives information about location where you took some photo. These days lots of cameras and mobile phones give you option to add Geo tag to your photos automatically so that you can remember where that photo was taken. Sometimes you want to add/show location in photo but forget to switch on GPS option and it's too late when you realize, because you do not want to go back there and capture photos again. This is the reason I want to show you how you can add Geo tag to photos without need of GPS in your camera. You can even add GPS information to any photo you've captured.

Connect with world through Google plus

connect with world through Google Plus

Google+ is second most popular social networking site in world (having 500 million users) and is keeping people together since 2011. Like Facebook Google plus can connect you with your friends and family in different ways. You can send messages to your friends, make video call and you can also share what's new only with them. You can add family members and your friends in circles to arrange them in such a way so that you can share things easily if you want to share with them only.

Lock or unlock your bicycle with your smart phone

Use Bitlock to lock or unlock bicycle from smart phone

Technology is really getting better day by day and we've got really awesome stuff that we used to think impossible. Now smart phones are almost essential for everyone because it can get you lot more than you think. Recently I discovered bitlock which you can use to lock your bicycle from your smart phone. Bitlock created lock which give you key in your smart phone, so, you don't have to take keys with you to lock or unlock your bicycle. You can preorder it on kickstarter if you want to get it.

Some changes in Facebook, Google and twitter

Some changes in top social networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter

Recently Facebook removed an option from privacy settings, Google updated their privacy policy and Twitter is now going to allow anyone to send you direct messages.

1 TB storage for your emails from yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is revamped and some new features are also introduced in it to make it more useful.
Marissa Mayer is really trying to make Yahoo more and more useful for everyone. Back in may Yahoo introduced one terabyte for flickr users where you can now upload images in full size because of that much free storage. Now they are doing the same thing with yahoo mail i.e. yahoo mail now gives you 1 terabyte for your emails and attachments without any cost.

Two awesome updates from last month

Last month Google updated new tab interface of Google Chrome and Facebook added edit post functionality that I really like.

Google Chrome

Google chrome's new tab interface.

Google introduced completely redesigned new tab interface which is my favorite due to availability of everything with just a click. Get your apps by clicking on apps button which is available at extreme left side in bookmarks bar below omnibox.