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Free 3 GB additional storage for SkyDrive

3 GB free by skydrive for students
You can make backup of your files on SkyDrive or you can share your SkyDrive files with your friends. Recently Google announced that now you can use 15 GB of free storage between Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ photos. If you are running out of space on SkyDrive you can simply upload some of your files to Google Drive. (Related: Free 15GB by Google Drive)
If you still want to increase your SkyDrive storage then get an email address from your school, college or university because SkyDrive is giving additional 3 GB storage for free and this offer is only for U.S. students. If you are a U.S. student and have email address ( then visit SkyDrive for students and give them your email. They’ll send you your free storage code on that email. After getting your code for additional 3 GB storage visit SkyDrive and look for manage storage toward bottom left corner and click on it. (Read Also: Free 15 GB additional Storage by SkyDrive for iCloud Users)
free 3gb by skydrive

free 3gb storage by skydrive
Now on manage storage page you’ll see redeem SkyDrive code, click on it and paste your free storage code here that you got in email and click on redeem to get 3 GB additional storage space.
free storage for students by skydrive
Enjoy additional 3 GB. I hope this post helped. Related Video:
This offer is no longer available.
Update: SkyDrive changed its name to OneDrive and now it is offering up to 8GB of free storage along with 7GB.