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CEO of Facebook and Microsoft took ice bucket challenge

Mark zuckerberg dumped bucket of ice water on himself.

Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) accepted and completed ice bucket challenge in support for charity to ALS. Both of them dumped a bucket of ice water on themselves.

Murder prank captured by Google Maps

Murder prank on Google Maps. Man standing with axe in his hand.

Google maps captured a lot of weird stuff and published it on the web. Some such were removed but some are still available.

Supermoons of 2014

Supermoon is not a different kind of moon. It is same moon but slightly closer to the earth. This is the reason moon appears larger than its normal size and intensity of its brightness is also increased.

2014 is unique year in terms of supermoons. 2014 has a total of 5 supermoons. Out of these 5 supermoons two were in January of this year, one was in July, another one was on 10th of august and one last supermoon of this year is in September.