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1 TB storage for your emails from yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is revamped and some new features are also introduced in it to make it more useful.
Marissa Mayer is really trying to make Yahoo more and more useful for everyone. Back in may Yahoo introduced one terabyte for flickr users where you can now upload images in full size because of that much free storage. Now they are doing the same thing with yahoo mail i.e. yahoo mail now gives you 1 terabyte for your emails and attachments without any cost.
Google introduced combined 15 GB for free but now Yahoo is trying to be much better than Google by giving that much storage for free on its 16th birthday. Image that you can see at top is showing my inbox empty because I returned to Yahoo mail after long time and was using Gmail due to its better features. But now I think I can use both of them because Google is still best for me because I don't use that much storage but if I want storage then I'll definitely go for Yahoo (Gmail and Ymail now both have almost similar features).

Yahoo mail is almost revamped and now has threaded conversation like that of Gmail which is my favorite one. There are lots of new features introduced in Yahoo mail i.e. you can view attachments without downloading them and you can also add attachments from dropbox.

Now yahoo mail allows you to change its background too.
You can also change background of your yahoo mail.

Changed fonts and interface colors due to changing background
Changing yahoo mail’s background (images are from Flickr) can also change interface and fonts too.