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Facebook's ads coming to your Messenger's home screen

Facebook's Messenger getting ads on the home screen

No doubt mobile messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat are replacing legacy SMS services. Using cellular or WiFi networks these applications are providing far more features than SMS. Users just need internet connection to get connected with their friends and family using group chats and sharing multimedia with ease.

In the crowd, Facebook’s Messenger is one of the well known mobile messaging applications with almost 1.2 billion users aboard.

Facebook’s Messenger is being used by people for exchanging messages, photos, videos and voice/video calling. Companies are using it to deliver better support to their customers with chat bots making this even easier. Users can contact businesses and chat bots can reply to their queries without any person for responding back.

This messaging app has become part of everyone’s life for communication and getting in touch. Seeing the opportunity, Facebook’s Messenger is going to show ads in your inbox (you might prefer it as Messenger’s home screen).

Yep! You heard it right. You are going to get ads between your conversation lists. Soon, if not yet, there will be gap covered with ads on your Messenger’s home screen. These ads will be using same behavior being used to show you ads on Facebook, means you’ll get ads specifically targeted to you.

Messenger already allows business owners to send sponsored messages to the users who messaged those businesses previously.

Maybe this is why Facebook changed layout and design of Messenger app to get more focus on conversations and make the home screen ads friendly. Messenger’s head of product said they’ll start showing ads slowly to make sure people get to know they will be seeing them and if more than enough people don’t like these ads they’ll be sticking with other business models.

There'll be no option to remove these ads permanently from the Messenger application but you'll be provided with the option to report or hide certain ads that you don't like.
Don't worry you won't be bombarded with ads in your home screen of Messenger app. These ads will be placed between sufficient number of threads to make the feel of home screen less cluttered.