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Google Chrome 29 got some new features

New google chrome 29 got some new features in it.
Two days ago Google released new version of Google Chrome (29.0.1547.57). I did not realize when I got my Chrome updated because of its silent updater but I found some new features that made me think I did something wrong with chrome. Its updated omnibox seems little bit weird but now it can show those links at top that you visited recently (show results relevant to those you've visited). They also integrated desktop notifications in Chrome (Google's rich notifications) for Mac users.
Best feature they added to chrome is ability to reset its settings to default. Usually I mess up with settings of different software for testing and then I get no other option except reinstalling that app. So this reset button is helpful for people like me.
Where is Reset browser settings button?
  1. Click on menu button (hotdogs) at right side of omnibox and click on settings.
  2. Click on show advanced settings and scroll down to get reset button at very bottom.
Reset browser settings button only reset extensions to default (remove extensions) and not themes, bookmarks and applications.