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Planet discovered in 2013 (Kepler-78b)

Earth sized exoplanet named as Kepler-78b

21st century is really going awesome with technology. Plenty of new things are developed and tons of old things are improved for superior future. In this race of technology our space technology is also improving swiftly. Now we are being offered to have a space trip by various companies. Our technology is getting to other planets in search of life and answers. [ Space trip with helium balloon ]

This year our search of life and answers discovered a new planet named as Kepler-78b (Extraordinary). It is in fact an exoplanet and is orbiting around the star named as Kepler-78.

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It has density, mass and radius nearly equal or similar to our planet Earth. This planet is more massive than earth by 69% and is bigger than Earth about 20%. Maybe I am confusing you because I said Kepler-78b is similar to Earth but now I am saying that it is larger and massive than our home planet. This is because it is similar in size to the Earth of any exoplanet directly discovered up till now.

Mass and Radius of Kepler-78b

Mass of Kepler-78b is 1.69 or 1.85 times the mass of Earth and its radius is 1.16 or 1.2 times the radius of the Earth. Now maybe you are thinking why mass and radius has two values? Reason for these two different values for each is two different teams studied them separately. If you want further accuracy you can take mean of them.

Its existence is extraordinary

According to NASA its existence is extraordinary. It revolves around a start like that of our Sun but extraordinary thing is distance between Kepler-78b and its star. Kepler-78b is 40 times closer to its star than Mercury is to the Sun. No planet can exist at this distance.

Estimated temperature for this planet ranges from 2,030 0C to 2,830 0C (According to Wikipedia).

Maybe this planet and Earth are similar in size but it is too much hot that no one will think of going near it.

Cover image: Wikipedia