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Free 3 GB additional storage for SkyDrive

3 GB free by skydrive for students
You can make backup of your files on SkyDrive or you can share your SkyDrive files with your friends. Recently Google announced that now you can use 15 GB of free storage between Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ photos. If you are running out of space on SkyDrive you can simply upload some of your files to Google Drive. (Related: Free 15GB by Google Drive)

15 GB of free storage by Google Drive

15 GB free storage by Google Drive
You may know that Google was giving you 5 GB of free storage for Google Drive where you can store your files and documents. But now they are offering 15 GB for free. You may think why Google increased storage space. Answer to your question is that Google just merged storage between Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos. You got 10 GB for Gmail and 5 GB for Drive and Google+ Photos before this.

Capture Screenshots of your desktop screen

Capture screenshots of desktop

May be your friend needed help and you could help him with a picture of your desktop but you don’t knew how to capture a screenshot of your desktop. So, here are tips on how to capture and make your desktop screenshot impressive. Windows Vista and Windows 7 got a utility that can help you capture screenshots but in Windows XP there is no such utility or software pre-installed.
There is a way to capture desktop screenshot that works for all Microsoft Windows releases.

Find out what hardware is in your CPU

Speccy for finding out what hardware you have in your PC

May be you want to know what hardware you CPU got. Some information about your hardware is available in windows. But in order to find out all you have to open up your CPU. Opening up your CPU is not good idea when you can get all required information with single software. Speccy is that software which can give you detailed information about your CPU’s hardware.

Recover your deleted files for free

Recover deleted files for free with recuva
Do you want to recover your deleted files easily without paying any thing then have a look on Recuva. Have you used free cCleaner and Defraggler? (Read also: Free tools to defregment your hard drive) If you did then let me tell you that developers of cCleaner and Defraggler are also developers of Recuva. You can get recuva free of cost for home use. It can recover those file that you don’t wanted to delete but you did unintentionally. If you deleted a file you can simply recover it from recycle bin but if you lost files from there too then Recuva can help you.

Create free PDF files online or Convert PDF files to Word, Power Point or Excel formats

Create and convert PDF files online
You can create PDF files from almost all text files without installing any software. Just visit PDFconverter and create your PDF files for free.

Windows 8 is better than Windows 7

Windows 8 start menu
So now you are thinking to upgrade your system to new OS by Microsoft but you are confused like me. But I upgraded to Windows 8. There are lots of people saying that Windows 8 is horrible but in my opinion windows 8 is better for both desktops and laptops. Windows 8 starts quickly and takes less time than Windows 7. Its start menu is my favorite one. In Windows 7 you were allowed to install third party gadgets but some of them were harmful.

Free Notification bar for all

Free notification bar
Free notification bar
Free Notification bar for everyone
I don’t know web designing too much but usually I waste my time to create some attractive WebPages. When I was new to this blog I wanted to add a notification bar at top of my blog but could not found any completely free. I liked hello bar but that was not free. Now I coded a simple bar that can stay at top of your website and you can show your important messages to your audience through it.
Bottom notification bar
I've created New notification bar with hide and show utility. I'll release it soon. For demo have a look at top of this blog.