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Two awesome updates from last month

Last month Google updated new tab interface of Google Chrome and Facebook added edit post functionality that I really like.

Google Chrome

Google chrome's new tab interface.

Google introduced completely redesigned new tab interface which is my favorite due to availability of everything with just a click. Get your apps by clicking on apps button which is available at extreme left side in bookmarks bar below omnibox.

You’ll get Google doodles when available in new tab window right above search box and most visited websites below the search box.

Google products with single click.

Access all products of Google with just a click.

Recently closed tabs and tabs from other devices

Access all recently closed tabs and tabs from other devices too.

Chrome app launcher

Best of all features is Chrome App launcher that you can use without executing Chrome depending on nature of app. (Get Chrome app Launcher or How to get Chrome app launcher back)

Search by voice

New interface for search by voice.


Facebook post edit functionality.

Facebook added post edit functionality that you can use to edit posts after publishing them. Before this functionality you had to delete posts having some mistakes in them but now you can just edit and fix mistakes and publish new version of them. I really enjoy editing my old Facebook posts having mistakes and also for adding some new information.