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What happens to the emails sent to your Facebook Email?

Facebook email

Maybe you didn't know that Facebook offers email address similar to this one ( when you sign up. Every email that anyone sends on this email goes in your Facebook's message inbox. But now Facebook is going to change behavior of this service a little bit.

Inspiring success of Jan Koum

Inspiring success story of Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp.

Jan Koum is the one who sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion. He is the cofounder of most popular and rapidly growing mobile app.

How chrome protects your passwords stored by its password manager?

Google chrome's password manager

Like other browsers Google Chrome also offers to save passwords with other information when a login form is submitted. Chrome will store passwords as plain text which makes all login information available to everyone who can access your computer. But Chrome also added another feature which protects your passwords with a master password.

How to request Facebook for look back videos of deceased persons?

Facebook look back videos for deceased persons.

Facebook wrote in its newsroom that now anyone can request for Look Back video of their loved ones. Facebook said they are helping people to remember their loved ones by memorializing their accounts so they are only visible to friends.

Why Facebook bought WhatsApp? Why and how much popular is it?

Why Facebook bought WhatsApp?

Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 billion is really expensive. Facebook bought Instagram for only $1 billion and Microsoft bought Skype and Nokia for $8.5 billion and $7.2 billion respectively. Maybe now you are also pulling your hairs out of your head because $19 billion is too much but WhatsApp is also not an application to be underestimated.

Get extra free bonus storage by OneDrive (up to 8GB)

Free bonus storage by OneDrive

Recently SkyDrive changed its name because of some copyright issues to OneDrive and is finally live now (OneDrive is live since 19 of February). I'm pretty sure you have your stuff in same way as it was in SkyDrive. SkyDrive used to give 7GB for free to all users and OneDrive is doing the same but it is also offering some more as bonus space.

Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook is among biggest ones and its comparison with others

Maybe you are aware of Facebook's WhatsApp acquisition. If you didn't know till now then maybe you are away from internet because internet is flooded with this. Acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook is really most expensive. Here's a chart by statista showing acquisition of some other companies and this one is on the top of them.

Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for total of $19 billion

Facebook to acquire Whatsapp.

Facebook shared a blog post announcing the acquisition of Whatsapp. Facebook is acquiring Whatsapp for $12 billion worth of facebook shares and $4 billion cash and also another $3 billion in restricted stock units for the founders and employees retention.

Why stars twinkle and why they are only visible at night?

Why stars twinkle and whey are they visible at night only?

Did you ever try to think why stars twinkle and also whey they are only visible at night? If yes then I think you might come up with some interesting answers.

I got some interesting answers for these two questions too and both have one thing in common which is responsible for their effects, it is Earth's atmosphere.

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What would happen if Earth stops revolving about its own axis or around the Sun?

What would happen if Earth stops rotating about its own axis or around the sun?

Everyone knows Earth revolves around the Sun and also about its own axis but what if any of these two spinning motions stop?

Why my Windows device is not going to sleep? (Explained)

Recently my PC was not going to sleep mode even I left it idle for more than an hour. So I dug a little bit and came up with some solutions. Solution to my problem was really short. I had switched to High performance power plan and I forgot to switch back to Balanced.

There are some tools/programs which prevent system from sleep mode i.e. Media players will prevent your system from sleep mode so that your PC screen must not go black while you are watching some movie. Some drivers can also prevent sleep mode if they are being used e.g. Audio drivers.

Find out the IP addresses of websites with Command Prompt

Maybe you are familiar with IP addresses because your internet provider provides you an IP address which goes everywhere with you while you are browsing or downloading anything. You can find your IP address easily but what if you want to find out the IP address of the website you are visiting?

Opera Mini, Opera mobile classic or Opera browser for android (which is better for you?)

Opera browsers for android

After using all of these three browsers, I am here to share which is better for you. I am not going in too many details but this information will help you choose the right one; there is no wrong choice because all these browsers are excellent.

Facebook's animated and static free stickers

Facebook sticker store

Facebook allows users to use emoticons and stickers to share what they are feeling. Facebook officially supports lots of stickers which you can get for free without any third party add-ons or anything else.

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New trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2 by Sony Pictures

The amazing Spiderman 2 by sony pictures

So here's another trailer for The Amazing Spiderman fans from Sony pictures. Old ones revealed Spiderman is afraid there will be a more strong power against him to destroy the world but this trailer shows he is really enjoying his journey as Spiderman.

I, Frankenstein is not what I expected

I, frenkenstein 2014

I was waiting for this movie from the time of watching its trailer. It seemed interesting to me but now after its release it is not what I expected.

New tag/category "Entertainment" for related stuff to it - announcement

Finally I am going to expand this little EtHow (Here for everything) blog to little more content which will contain little bit of Entertainment for everyone. I am the only manager and writer for this blog and Tech is one of my favorite categories because I love to explore and write about it but sometimes it gets little messy. If you've read some of my posts then you'll know I don't stick to a single category.

So this new tag will help me to entertain myself and you because I am trying to make this blog a little home for me where I can share what I feel or what is going on in my head.

You are most welcome if you want to share your stuff on EtHow. If you have content that you wanna share just send that to me through email (should be legal). If you have some suggestions for old or new topics just pass them over and I'll try to cover them.

What is Facebook paper?

Paper by Facebook is an app which will let you customize your Facebook experience by getting content from your friends and from others on Facebook. It will show stories elegantly in fullscreen. It has much more features and I am sure those features will make you download this app.