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The Dark Side of Meta: A History of Privacy Breaches, Data Harvesting and Manipulations

Meta's recent project Ghostbusters yet another privacy nightmare

In the ever-expanding realm of social media, one name stands out not just for its ubiquity but also for its controversial practices: Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Despite its rebranding efforts, the company's track record for privacy remains stained with a series of alarming revelations, showcasing a pattern of manipulation and exploitation of user data.

Google RCS (Rich Communication Services) now available in Pakistan, Italy and Singapore

Chat over WiFi or data with Google RCS

As you might know Google has a history of making and then killing the messaging apps and couldn't settle on one. They've made a smooth move with RCS also known as rich communication services and everyone is hoping it doesn't end up in the Google graveyard as well. RCS is a communication protocol rather than an application and can be said as the upgraded version of dated SMS to include WhatsApp or iMessage like features in it. Google is trying to replace old SMS with updated chat features that seem more modern. Messages can be sent through mobile data or WiFi using the RCS protocol.

38 hours without communication to the world

38 hours without communication to the world - Internet disruption

We are using mobile data, WiFi or other internet connection to stay connected with our friends and family members no matter where they are. Apps, with the ability to make video calls, bring people in front of each other in no time. Actually not just to stay connected with our friends and family we are using it to get knowledge from all around the world.

Facebook's ads coming to your Messenger's home screen

Facebook's Messenger getting ads on the home screen

No doubt mobile messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat are replacing legacy SMS services. Using cellular or WiFi networks these applications are providing far more features than SMS. Users just need internet connection to get connected with their friends and family using group chats and sharing multimedia with ease.

Calculate your age and weight according to other planets

What would be your age and weight on other planets

You definitely know how much you weigh and what is your age here on Earth but have you ever thought what would be your age and weight if you were on some other planet?

If yes then here is a simple way to calculate your age and weight pretending you are living on some other planet.

Delete files permanently (without moving them to recycle bin)

Deleting files without moving them to recycle bin

If you continuously delete and add new files to your Windows computer, then you’ll understand the pain of delete files twice (Deleting the file and removing it from the recycle bin).

Hello app: Get to know who is calling you before attending the call

See who is calling before answering a call even if that number is not saved

Sometimes you receive a call from some unknown number and you start thinking, should you answer it or not.