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How to use Skydrive (backup files easily)

backup data online using skydrive
I mentioned before to frequently backup files important to you. You can use SkyDrive to upload your files for making their back up online and it is also useful to share files with your friends (You can keep them private too). Today I am going to tell you how you can use Skydrive powered by Microsoft to backup your files easily so that you can use them after system or hard drive crash etc.
If you have hotmail account and you are logged in then visit to get started. If you don’t have account then make one with them.

18 Freeware Image editors and creators (Photoshop Alternatives)

free adobe photoshop alternatives for editing or creating images

Adobe   Photoshop    is    well-known all    over    the    world. But some people    just want slight customization    to    their pictures or     want to make some painting. Adobe Photoshop    costs       about $600+ for   one copy and this is not     recommended for   such people   to buy this   for only    basic   editing. So    these people   will try to find some    alternatives to   this. I got some    enhanced      alternatives  that you  can   use   for editing  your pictures.

New or Old Microsoft Office?

new or old microsoft office
Microsoft office is being used by large amount of users throughout the world. It is used for writing, for making presentations or for office data etc. But its old versions are completely dissimilar from new versions. If you have a file produced with Microsoft Office 2007 it will not work with MS Office 2003.

Remember passwords using free password managers

free password managers
Nowadays using same password for all of your accounts is really bad idea. Someone may guess your password but as you have one password on all of your accounts so you will lose your all accounts. You can also lose your bank accounts and money. (Passwords are used for online banking)
I think now you know why you should use different passwords for different accounts.

Best free Antivirus

Best free Antivirus for pc
Antivirus programs are very essential for your PC or any device because without antivirus your device may get viruses that can destroy your OS or viruses can delete your files. World Wide Web (WWW) is full of viruses and antivirus programs are only way to make your presence secure.

How to make PDF files by Microsoft Word

Make PDF files using Microsoft Word
PDF file format is too much famous for eBooks online. You may want to know what PDF is, so let me tell you something about it.

What is PDF?

PDF is also called as Portable Document Format. It is a file format that provide electronic image of text or text and graphics that look like a printed document and it could be viewed easily from different devices using some software. Adobe systems co-founder John Warnock outlined a system called Camelot that evolved into PDF. Adobe made first Acrobat reader (Popular PDF reader) in 1993.

How to recover files from corrupted CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs

recover files from corrupted discs
You may have some important CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs with important data. But you can loose that if you got scratches on your disc. You can get scratches over your disc while using it. You cannot remove scratches from the surface of the disc. There are some ways but those may cause some data loss too. What if you have your disc with cracks? You cannot recover those cracks and there is no such thing that can get your disc in previous condition.

So if you got some of your disc corrupted, you got cracks on your disc or you got too many scratches over your disc then you should throw that disc after your data is recovered using software I am going to discuss about. I got software that can recover files from corrupted or cracked discs. I thought you should try this one and maybe you need this. Name of that software is CD Recovery Toolbox and it is freeware program. So everyone can use this.

Free Internet download manager (IDM) alternatives

internet download manager alternatives
IDM (Internet download manager) is one of the worlds most popular download manager. It can suck all available bandwidth. If you are using internet explorer then you may have noticed that if you download anything using internet explorer, it will only give you limited speed. For example if you have 100kbps downloading speed, internet explorer will not get all of the available speed. Chrome is little better than IE because it can suck a little more speed. But it is of no match for Internet download manager. IDM can suck all of your available downloading speed. You can set speed limit if you are downloading more than one files in IDM. But as every good thing is not for free so it is also only for 30 days trial. After 30 days you have to buy license if you want to use it continuously. But if you don't want to pay for this then don’t be sad as there are also some good alternatives to this software with some extra features.

Kindle for PC

free kindle for pc
Amazon is among largest companies which allow you to buy or sell your stuff online. Amazon also contains more than one million books that you can buy or there are some free books too. Most books are for kindle.

What is Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book reader that was produced by Amazon itself. Using Kindle users can shop, download, read e-books, magazines and other digital media using wireless technology.

Kindle for PC:

Now Amazon allows users to have this Kindle experience using their PC. They are giving this software Kindle for PC for free. Now you can access books for kindle from your PC without any kindle device. This is great software because it allows you to read books that were accessible from a kindle device some time ago. This is best for those who love studying books online.

Use mobile camera as Webcam

mobile camera as webcam
As you know if you want to have video chat using Skype, yahoo or any other then it is essential to have webcam. If you don’t have one or your webcam is out of order then you can connect your Phone with your PC to use its camera as webcam. It is not possible to have your camera as webcam without any third party software. Some new phones have this feature as default in them but if you have such that don’t allow this then you can use some third party software.

Copy or move files quickly

copy or move files quickly
You can copy files simply in windows by making a right click on it and then on copy/cut and then paste where you want. But you cannot expect it to complete this quickly. You can manage to copy small files that can take maximum of 10 minutes. But when you need to copy your whole hard drive or 30 GB of data then what? It can take several hours to complete. If some error causes your computer to stop this coping process then you have to start coping or moving process from beginning.

SMS Service by Google

sms service by google
Google is among world’s best companies and is known world wide. Everyone is using its services. Google is providing too much services that no one can say that he is not using Google for any purpose. I thought to introduce you with one more interesting service by Google. You can send sms to mobile phone using Google. Maybe all of you know this but I am posting this for those who don’t know.

Secure your accounts over social networks

Social networks
Few days ago I was searching for something over Google and found that a person from U.S.A transferred money from bank account of his neighbor. He used information from victim's Facebook profile to get access to his bank account. He was not so lucky to escape; his act has sent him to prison.
So I decided to share some information with you so that you can make your information and accounts secure. Every social network allows you to hide any sensitive information that you don’t want to show to others.

Erase data properly before selling your computer or hard drive

hard drive
There are lots of cases in which people sell their hard drive without proper erasing. They just deleted their data and considered that now it’s safe to sell their hard drives. But for your kind information you are not safe even you deleted your data from your hard drive. When companies upgrade their systems they don’t sell hard drives because data from hard drive, pen drive or any other flash drive could be recovered. You can get lots of recovery software that can get your deleted data. There are also some free and some are for professionals to buy.

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Make backup of your Windows drivers

In some computers you have to install drivers for proper working of your hardware. Drivers are very important if you want to get benefit of your PC.

What are drivers?

Drivers are software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or any portable device. If you install new hardware like VGA card then you have to install drivers given with that to make sure your new hardware is working with full potential.
Some drivers automatically install themselves i.e. when you connect any flash drive to USB port on your PC you don’t have to install drivers.

Free alarm clock for your PC

free alarm clock for pc
Mostly everyone forget about different works while using their Computer. They mostly forget that they were going out for some work at specific time or they have to do another work. This mostly happens when you are using Facebook or some other thing that attracts you. My friends and some cousins usually forget everything about other things while they are using Facebook. I decided to share this software with them if they want to decrease their Facebook usage.

Change desktop wallpapers automatically in Windows XP

You may have noticed that in Windows 7 you have option to get your desktop wallpaper changed automatically after specified time. You can make Windows XP to do this automatically. Means you can change desktop wallpapers of Windows XP automatically. Only the thing you need is software that can do this for you. You can get software in large amount that can change wallpapers automatically. Some open source software with little details are given below.