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Facebook enhanced like button with emotions

Update: Facebook emotions are available worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, hinted that facebook was planning on enhancing its like button. Lots of people thought Facebook was going to introduce a dislike button but that was not the case here. They expanded the like button, which now includes reaction emotions. Along with standard thumbs up, there will be some other emoticons for showing feelings for a post. People will be able to respond with Like, Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry instead of typing their feelings in the comments.

Skype - Unable to sign in and other errors (September 21, 2015)

Skype logo. Skype unable to sing in. can't connect.

Update: Skype access is restored and everything is working properly.

If you’ve tried to sign in to your Skype account but wasn’t able to do so then you are not the only one. Skype is having issues and Microsoft knows about them and is trying to fix them.

Malware infected iOS apps too

A malware, named as XcodeGhost, was able to infect iOS apps and created a security breach. Applications were infected because of using modified version of Xcode by developers as they were convinced for using this version instead of the standard one.

WhatsApp web, finally available for iPhone users too

WhatsApp web

Web client for WhatsApp can be used to send and receive messages using a web browser from your PC. This feature was introduced 8 months ago for Android users leaving the iPhone users to wait for this.

Maybe an older version of Earth is found (Kepler-452b)

Kepler-452b might be the earths future or maybe even earth 2.0

Kepler mission of NASA confirmed the discovery of a planet currently named as Kepler-452b. Well, this is an exoplanet which resembles to that of our home planet Earth. This planet is orbiting around G2-Type star like our sun and is in the habitable zone.

GPA calculator - Calculate your GPA/CGPA and quality points

You don't have to go through all the calculations to calculate you GPA/CGPA and quality points in all subjects individually. This simple tool will help you get through easily. All you have to do is to use your mouse for some clicks and your keyboard for some keystrokes. This tool will generate a full result card having quality points, grade and percentage etc.

Read the "how to use this tool" section if you don't understand how to use this to get your GPA/CGPA and quality points.

Now users can choose someone to manage their Facebook accounts when they die

Facebook finally have a feature known as legacy contact, which will allow user to choose someone as his/her legacy contact to control his/her Facebook account when he/she dies. Facebook is also giving option to delete user's Facebook account after he/she die.

Spider-Man is back in Marvel

So, Spider-Man is now in marvel world and will be seen in some upcoming marvel movies. I am not going to write anything on this topic because it is already explained in detail on marvel's blog.

Spider-Man is actually coming back to Marvel because they created this character. Back in 90s marvel sold movie rights for this and some other characters. Some of them were later acquired back and now its turn for the Spider-Man. Spider-Man character is not being aquired by marvel. Sony pictures keep the rights over Spider-Man movies.

Image source: marvel

Find whether the number entered by user is palindrome or not (C++ example)

Hello everyone! I know I was long gone and haven't posted here for long time, but I am back.

Guess what???

Final exams are over and I am here with some programming stuff and some other things are also in queue, which I missed.

Here is a program in C++ which can process the number submitted by user and tells whether it is a palindrome number or not. It is really basic and simple example with simple logic behind it. Have a look on the program code in C++ below:

Happy New Year (2015)

Happy new year

Have a blessed new year. May God fulfills all your wishes and give you what you deserve. I hope you get lots of happy moments in this New Year.

As I said last year everyone has some resolutions for New Year, I have mine too. I tried to achieve my last year's resolution and will try to do what I've decided for this year.