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Some changes in Facebook, Google and twitter

Some changes in top social networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter

Recently Facebook removed an option from privacy settings, Google updated their privacy policy and Twitter is now going to allow anyone to send you direct messages.


Facebook removed “who can look up your timeline by name” option from settings. Now everyone can search for you through Facebook search. Some people who didn't want to get indexed in Facebook’s search are not invisible anymore.

Facebook wrote:

We wanted to make sure you know we’re removing the “Who can look up your Timeline by name” setting.

This setting controlled whether people could find your Timeline by searching for your name. We are removing the setting because it is not as useful as it was before, and now there are better ways to manage your privacy using your privacy shortcuts.


Google is now getting your profile in ads and other Google products. Google said that this is because Google wants to give you ads related to your search and need. If you are searching for a bat and you see a Google ad related to your search with review from any of your friend, you are definitely going to check that out. This thing is going to start on November 11 and your reviews and comments (from YouTube, Google+, Google Play and other Google services you use) are going to appear in ads.

Google is giving you option whether you want yourself in ads or not. You can opt out of this if you don’t want to get in Ads. (Visit Shared Endorsements settings)

Other changes that they made to terms of service are:

  1. Use your mobile device safely
  2. Be careful with your password.

Read more about changes in terms.


Twitter is changing the working of direct messages. If you used twitter’s direct message then you should know in order to have conversation through direct messages both users must follow each other. Now twitter is going to offer an option using which you can allow your followers to send you direct message and you don’t have to follow them back. This feature is coming to twitter this week and I hope you’ll enjoy this feature.