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15 GB of free storage by Google Drive

15 GB free storage by Google Drive
You may know that Google was giving you 5 GB of free storage for Google Drive where you can store your files and documents. But now they are offering 15 GB for free. You may think why Google increased storage space. Answer to your question is that Google just merged storage between Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos. You got 10 GB for Gmail and 5 GB for Drive and Google+ Photos before this.
Maybe you were only using 3 GB or 4 GB of your Gmail storage and other space was available for free but that was not available for Google Drive where you may wanted more storage and only option for you was to upgrade your account. Now you can use available 15 GB for Gmail, Drive or for Google+ photos with no specific limits to any of these. You can see how much space you are using. You can also find out how much space is being used by Drive, Google+ photos or Gmail.
Storage summary for Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.
I think this is an awesome update that Google got in their system because I didn't used too much Gmail storage but I used Drive storage and when it got full I moved to SkyDrive to make backup of some important files. Now I am thinking about moving my files back to Google Drive because of 15 GB storage for free.