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Twitter has announced photo tagging. Here is how to opt out?

Twitter has announced new photo tagging feature to make photo sharing more fun. Like Facebook you will be able to upload photos of your friends and tag them, but Twitter will allow you to tag only 10 users. The person tagged in the photo will receive notification.

Thumbnails in promotions tab of your Gmail

Thumbnails in promotions tab of Gmail

Mostly promotional email contains lots of images or at least one. So if you are using Gmail's tabbed inbox and you haven't disabled promotions tab then you'll be able to get in the field trial for Gmail.

Tool - Count characters and words in text snippet or paragraph (LIVE)

Count characters/letters or words live

Sometimes you need to count number of character/letters or even words in something you write. If you have blog or website then you'll know Google indexes only 70 characters of page title in search result. If you have more than 70 characters in your page title, Google is not going to show all of them in search result but Google will choose which are best for user experience.

What avast! wanna say about current usage of Windows XP?

Windows XP is going to die

Everyone knows Microsoft is going to end support for Windows XP on April 8, so most XP users are upgrading to Windows 7 and some are going to fot latest one (Windows 8). But lots of users are not willing to upgrade.

Why some tweets start with dot as first character?

Why some tweets start with dot as first character?

This is an old question but worth mentioning. So you saw a dot in front of a tweet but don't know why it is used?

What causes earthquakes?

Today I felt my chair was shaking while I was working on a web template. I stood up and left the room and went out to see if it was really earthquake or I was being paranoid (because I was sitting in front of my PC writing codes and didn't know how much time I'd spent doing this).

Google drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox pricing. Which one is low-priced?

Google drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox pricing. Which is low-priced?

Everyone needs some safe place to store backup of their files. Google Drive, OneDrive (SkyDrive), Dropbox and some other such cloud storage companies are available which provide you storage to put your files in. Most of them offer some free storage e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox offers 15GB, 7GB and 2GB respectively.

Can I get custom URL for my Google+ profile or page?

can i get Google plus custom/vanity URL?

Google Plus has been discontinued!

What are custom URLs for Google+ profiles or pages?
I think you know what are they and you want one for your profile too. Like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ supports custom URLs. Google added custom URL feature for Google+ profiles in August 2012, but these links were only available to verified accounts. Here is a Post on Google+ by Google+ announcing custom URLs for accounts.

Application with brilliant interface and features for managing your Twitter accounts

Maybe you've heard of Tweetdeck, if not let's talk about it.

tweetdeck, a better application for managing twitter accounts.

Twitterdeck is an application that can help you to manage your twitter accounts in better way. It allows multiple accounts and customizable columns so you can adjust it as you like.

Pinterest is down (03/07/2014)

I wanted to enjoy some awesome pins on Pinterest and was not able to access it. I thought something was wrong with my internet connection. My ISP had already blocked YouTube and couple of other sites, so I thought Pinterest is now on their list too. I tweeted (01:56 GMT+0500) asking twitter users whether their Pinterest is down or it is only mine and found pinterest is really having downtime. After posting tweet I visited #Pinterest hashtag page where I found flood of tweets about this.

There are lots of tweets saying it is down, so I am little bit relaxed (because my ISP didn't block it :-D).

Update (02:39 GMT+0500): Working now.

How Firefox protects your passwords, saved with its password manager?

How firefox protects your password?

Firefox gives you option to setup a master password to make your passwords (stored in its password manager) secure from others who have access to your computer. In recent post, I talked about the protection that chrome provides for passwords stored by its password manager while this post is focusing on Firefox's. [You might also light: How chrome protects you passwords?]

Now Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards

Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards.

Previously Pinterest allowed users to make only 6 secret boards and when user wanted new secret board he/she had to delete old board or make it public, but now Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards. Well, not unlimited, technically. There is a limit for 350 total boards that you can make on Pinterest. Now instead of 6 secret boards you can make 350 if you don't have any other. Seems pretty!

Did you know that Android versions are named alphabetically?

Did you know android versions are codenamed alphabetically?
This image is Modified. Original by Google under creative commons

Different versions of Google's open source Smartphone OS, Android, are named after desserts and these names are in alphabetical order.

How to get notified when others (recipients) read my emails?

You send someone email but you don't know when he/she will read your email or had he/she read your email or not. But this is not a problem these days. There are certain plug-ins which can track email and tell you when your email was read.

One such tool for Gmail (currently supports Chrome and Safari browsers is available for free and is in beta version) can help you to track emails sent through your Gmail account. If you are in hurry go and get streak for your browser from their official website.