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Microsoft doesn’t want to keep Windows XP and China doesn’t want to leave it

Microsoft don't want to keep windows XP alive

Everyone use or used Windows for their PCs and among all the older versions windows XP was the best OS from Microsoft. It was released on 24 august 2001 and was most popular till windows 7 came out. Microsoft is going to give up Support for XP on April 8, 2014.

They are doing this because they wanna focus on latest stuff and technology. They are recommending every Windows XP user to migrate to Windows 8.1 but Windows 7 is better if you don’t have touch pc. If you do have a touch PC or you are planning to get one then windows 8 is best for you as it is most latest and more secure.

There are many business companies which are still using Windows XP and it is really hard for them to upgrade everything but Microsoft gave enough time to do that. China got lots of small and large companies which are still using Windows XP and they don’t want to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows8. Maybe reason is that they have bought some programs which work with windows XP and they don’t want to pay for them again for getting them work with latest version of Windows.

I upgraded to Windows 7 almost 4 months ago and Windows XP is still my favorite. I also tried windows 8 on my PC and thought it is better than windows 7 but moved to 7 because it is more like XP and I can do things faster in this.

Here is what Microsoft wanna offer: