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Now Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards

Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards.

Previously Pinterest allowed users to make only 6 secret boards and when user wanted new secret board he/she had to delete old board or make it public, but now Pinterest allows unlimited secret boards. Well, not unlimited, technically. There is a limit for 350 total boards that you can make on Pinterest. Now instead of 6 secret boards you can make 350 if you don't have any other. Seems pretty!

Before anymore discussion about secret boards let me tell you something about secret boards in case you didn't know already.

What are secret boards?

If you make a secret board on Pinterest, you'll be the only one who will be able to see that board and its pins unless you invite someone (only visible to you and to the person you invited). Anything you upload to secret board won't show up anywhere on pinterest.

What can I do with secret boards?

Any pin that you want to be secret can go in secret board. You can put family photos or others. You can create boards for special events and share them later.

What are limits for Pinterest?

According to Pinterst's help center it has following limits:

  • Boards: 350
  • Pins: 100,000
  • Likes: 100,000

I cannot understand pin limits totally. Are 100,000 pins allowed for one board or for an entire account? By the way, who cares? According to them, you can make new Pinterest account if you run in these limits.

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