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New tag/category "Entertainment" for related stuff to it - announcement

Finally I am going to expand this little EtHow (Here for everything) blog to little more content which will contain little bit of Entertainment for everyone. I am the only manager and writer for this blog and Tech is one of my favorite categories because I love to explore and write about it but sometimes it gets little messy. If you've read some of my posts then you'll know I don't stick to a single category.

So this new tag will help me to entertain myself and you because I am trying to make this blog a little home for me where I can share what I feel or what is going on in my head.

You are most welcome if you want to share your stuff on EtHow. If you have content that you wanna share just send that to me through email (should be legal). If you have some suggestions for old or new topics just pass them over and I'll try to cover them.