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How to get notified when others (recipients) read my emails?

You send someone email but you don't know when he/she will read your email or had he/she read your email or not. But this is not a problem these days. There are certain plug-ins which can track email and tell you when your email was read.

One such tool for Gmail (currently supports Chrome and Safari browsers is available for free and is in beta version) can help you to track emails sent through your Gmail account. If you are in hurry go and get streak for your browser from their official website.

Process of installation?

getting started with streak.

After installation of streak from its website you'll be redirected to Gmail and there you'll get a pop-up saying "Get started with Streak." You should click on continue with streak.

Giving permissions to streak.

Streak will ask for permissions to access your account. Give it permissions and by clicking on accept.

Choose appropriate option for streak.

When you'll get in your inbox streak will ask you how you want to use streak. Select appropriate.

Enable or disable  streak by default.

streak will ask whether you want tracking on or off by default. (I cannot fully remember but maybe it will ask you to turn tracking on or off by default when you'll open email compose pop-up.)

Here are some key features why I like this plug-in:

It gives you real-time tracking and you'll get notification when someone opens email sent by you.

Enable or disable streak Gmail tracking from compose pop-up.

It gives you option to control whether you want to track emails or not. In compose email pop-up you'll be able to see an eye like icon, added by streak plug-in, using which you can switch tracking on or off.

streak tell who has read your email.

You'll be able to see who has read your email within the email itself along with location of the user and the time when your email was read.

Best thing about this plug-in is that it becomes part of Gmail and doesn't looks like any third party tool.

They are planning to push out premium features when this app will get its stable version but at this time they are offering free beta version.

Do you have some better alternatives to this application, don't hesitate to tell everyone here.