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Nokia 3310 is coming back as Windows phone

Latest Nokia 3310
From official blog post

Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and was really famous phone at that time, but as technology improved new phones replaced it. According to Nokia's blog post, "125 million were sold."

Now it is coming back with latest hardware as a Windows mobile (pretty much similar to the original design). It runs modified version of Windows phone 8. Like Nokia Lumia 1020 it has 41MP PureView camera with Xenon flash. It supports 1080p full HD video recording. In addition to metallic blue color it is coming in 4 other colors (yellow, blue, red and green) too.

It has 2 GB ram, dual-core processor and built-in 32 GB storage space (also 3-inch ClearDiamond super sensitive touch screen) to power next-gen operating system. You'll be able to record 1080p HD videos with 30 fps.

I hope you wanna know more about this phone, have a look on official blog post by Nokia.

Old Nokia 3310

Old Nokia 3310
Public Domain pic

It had capacity to keep records of only last 24 calls (8 dialed, 8 received and 8 missed). And best thing in this mobile, which made everyone mad for this model, was Snake 2 game (I used to play this too). It had monophonic ringtones.

These days it is used to put nails through walls or any other medium.
Nokia 3310