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How to request Facebook for look back videos of deceased persons?

Facebook look back videos for deceased persons.

Facebook wrote in its newsroom that now anyone can request for Look Back video of their loved ones. Facebook said they are helping people to remember their loved ones by memorializing their accounts so they are only visible to friends.

In honor to deceased persons Facebook will show content according to their privacy expectations. Means Facebook will not share content that deceased person didn't wanted to show.

Facebook introduced new feature which makes a look back video from photos and status updates you've made since you started using it on its 10 birthday. Some people were waiting for look back videos to show up for their loved ones but when didn't people like John Berlin asked Facebook to make Look Back video of their loved ones (John Berlin's son left this world in 2012).

It is really heat touching and no one can even feel what someone has lost except those who went through same pain. So, Facebook is giving everyone ability to make request for look back video of their loved ones.

Look Back video requests can be made here.