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Google drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox pricing. Which one is low-priced?

Google drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox pricing. Which is low-priced?

Everyone needs some safe place to store backup of their files. Google Drive, OneDrive (SkyDrive), Dropbox and some other such cloud storage companies are available which provide you storage to put your files in. Most of them offer some free storage e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox offers 15GB, 7GB and 2GB respectively.

If you are getting out of storage, you can buy some more storage by upgrading to any of the plans available by your storage provider.

Which one of three mentioned is low-priced?

At this time Google Drive is the one you wanna go with. They are giving free 15GB and you can get 100GB for only $1.99 while OneDrive and Dropbox are charging more money than Google Drive.

Google Drive pricing

Storage Price
100GB $1.99/month
1TB $9.99/month
10TB $99.99/month
and more...

Google drive's storage is shared between Gmail and Google+ photos. Pricing is available on storage settings page.

OneDrive pricing

Storage Price
50GB $4.49/month
100GB $7.49/month
200GB $11.49/month

OneDrive also gives up to 8GB of storage for free if you install their mobile app and refer friends alongwith 7GB.

Manage your OneDrive storage

Dropbox pricing

Storage Price
100GB $9.99/month
200GB $19.99/month
500GB $49.99/month

Dropbox upgrade page

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All these three are among most popular storage providers (Don't get confused with OneDrive, it is actully SkyDrive.) and Google drive recently reduced prices for different storage plans and I hope others are going to reduce too. Until then Google Drive is the one with lowest price.

If you are running out of storage but don't wanna spend money then you can sign up with multiple companies. Get upto 34GB of free storage from different storage providers.