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Microsoft realizes, its time to move to Windows 9 instead of Windows 8.2

Finally, Microsoft realized that Windows 8 is not going to be users’ favorite OS because of some changes they made to it.

Windows XP was really popular but its support is going to its end this year’s April. People who were still using Windows XP are upgrading to Windows 7. People (including me) who upgraded to Windows 8 are downgrading to Windows 7.

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Windows 8 is not a bad OS, it is well optimized for performance and its boot time is incredible.

Why people don’t like Windows 8?

People don’t like changes Microsoft made to its new OS to make it better. They removed start button and changed start menu to metro screen (which some people don’t like).

What Microsoft did to make Windows 8 better?

They added start button in Windows 8.1 and also gave users option to login and go to desktop directly when they sign in instead of metro screen which maybe they don’t like. But still this version of windows didn’t proved to be better than old one.

Now what?

Now maybe Microsoft has realized that Windows 8 is not going to be the latest popular OS for users. So, Microsoft is going to jump from Windows 8.1 to Windows 9 instead of Windows 8.2. Maybe Windows 9 will arrive in April of 2015.

What do I think?

I don’t dislike or hate Windows 8 but it is not a good choice if you are going to install it on a desktop PC. If you want it on a touch PC then there is no better OS than this one. Keep in mind that sometimes multitasking becomes hard on Windows 8.

When I upgraded to Windows 8 I wrote an article about it (Windows 8 is better than Windows 7) but after sometime I downgraded to Windows 7.

Update: Microsoft even skipped Windows 9. They are gonna release Windows 10 instead.